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How to Choose a Running Shoe

Insider Tips on How to Choose A Running Shoe

Finding the "perfect" running shoe can be daunting! Here we break-down how to choose a running shoe for trail or road running and give tips...

Get “Lost” on the Rugged & Scenic Warren Lake Loop

Warren Lake Loop...the one run that perfectly balances breathtaking beauty and a little “what was I thinking?”

Shop the Best Trail Running Shoes of 2020

The List is Out! The Best Trail Running Shoes of 2020

Shop the best trail running shoes of 2020 and visit Tahoe Mountain Sports for an expert fitting!

Donner Lake Rim Trail

“Not to Miss” Truckee Hiking on the New Donner Lake Rim Trail

Set out on the new section of the Donner Rim Trail and enjoy beautiful scenery for Truckee hiking, mountain biking, and trail running.

Trail of the Week

101.5 Truckee Tahoe Radio Trail Report – Trail of the Week!

Follow along with 101.5 Truckee Tahoe Radio's Trail Report each week and start exploring our local trails.

Here are the 2020 Trail Runs Worth Running

Here's our ultimate guide to the best trail runs and races in Truckee and Lake Tahoe. Sign up and start training!

Run on Dirt in Winter on the Tahoe Pyramid Trail

The Tahoe Pyramid Trail is a great spot for winter runners to escape the snow in Truckee. It's a short drive down the canyon to snow-free,...

Shorts, My Silent Protest Against Winter

Steve thinks he's found the secret to overcoming a trail runner's winter blues. But is it something you're willing to try?

Ultra Trails Lake Tahoe – Race Report

The inaugural UTLT Mountain Ultra Trail Festival happened last weekend at Northstar. Learn about this gorgeous race and test yourself on...

The Best 3 Julbo Sunglasses for Speed and Performance

These 3 pairs topped our list as the best Julbo sunglasses for speed and performance. They're perfect for mountain biking, trail running &...