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More Splitboarding Equipment In Tahoe for Fall 2014

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

Splitboarding Is The Answer

Ditch the snowshoes. Tahoe Mountain Sports has splitboards and splitboarding equipment for sale online and in Kings Beach. Once you do toss those ‘shoes, or lend them to your friend and kindly leave them at the back of the group, you’ll understand what the hype is all about. Ever trekked through knee-deep powder on snowshoes with a snowboard on your back? Tried breaking trail up a steep mountainside covered in fresh snow? You can probably recall moments of overheated frustration and thoughts of “there’s got to be a better way“. Well, consider cutting your snowboard in half and turning it into ‘skis’ that climb uphill, then reattach as a snowboard for the downhill. Or, even better yet, buy one that’s already split. It’s called a splitboard, and owning one can make – or break – your winter.

Last year we introduced splitboards to our already impressive selection of backcountry touring gear. This year, we’re adding even more splitboarding gear to accommodate the increasing number of backcountry snowboarders that seem to have lately emerged from the depths of Lake Tahoe. Last year, we couldn’t keep Spark R&D bindings with the Tesla System (eliminates the need for slider pins) on the shelf. Same went for most of our Voile hardware and accessories. This year, we’ve more than doubled our order for both Spark R&D and Voile Manufacturing. We’re also adding Jones splitboards to the lineup, and stoked about that partnership because if you aren’t already aware, Jones Snowboards has made their mark as the premier brand in a fast-growing industry.

Please note that it is currently March 2014 and our next shipment of splitboarding gear will not arrive until September. Don’t get discouraged when you see our inventory is low, be excited that it will fill up again soon…with plenty of time to prepare for the record-setting winter of 2015! For any products currently Out Of Stock, you can opt to be contacted via email when they arrive this fall.

Jones Splitboards – Jeremy Jones, big-mountain snowboarding pioneer and founder of Jones Snowboards, is an advocate for sustainable “green” practices. So are we. Jones splitboards provide the most reliable gear available to those seeking extreme adventure. So do we. We’re stoked to have such an outstanding business partner for the coming winter(s). So are they. I’m sure of it.



Solution Splitboard – $849
The Best-Selling Splitboard in the World. Time-tested shape and flex deliver equal performance to your solid snowboard. The design is identical to that of the Flagship, only split down the middle. The Jones Solution floats in powder, busts through crud and chop, and holds a mean edge on hardpack (credit: Magne-Traction). It’s poppy and playful, and is 300 grams lighter for 2015. It’s also a bit stiffer in the torso so you can really slay it up high.

Stiffness: 8/10, Directional Rocker, Camber Under Foot
Ultra Core, Quadrax Carbon, Carbon Split Stringers
Mellow Magne-Traction, Blunt Nose, Progressive Sidecut
Sintered 9900 Base, Stone Ground Finish, Recycled ABS
Stronger Edges, OneBall Jay BIO Wax, Karakoram Hardware





Carbon Solution Splitboard – $1119
Ideal for Technical Backcountry Lines. The Jones Carbon Solution is built for powerful riders who rip technical backcountry lines and demand a splitboard that offers the same ultra-responsive performance as a top-level solid freeride deck. A carbon topsheet and carbon stringers provide a damp, stiff ride that excels in variable conditions. It’s 500 grams lighter for 2014-15, thanks to the Jones ULTRA core with new ultralight wood cores and two layers of carbon fiber. Jones splitboards with ULTRA Construction are the lightest, most high performance snowboards on earth.

Stiffness: 10/10, Directional Rocker, Camber Under Foot
Ultra Core, Carbon Construction, Karakoram Hardware
Mellow Magne-Traction, Blunt Nose, Progressive Sidecut
Sintered 9900 Base, Stone Ground Finish, Recycled ABS





Ultracraft Splitboard – $1199
One of the lightest splitboards on earth. Tested on Denali and the Grant Teton, the performance of the Jones Ultracraft has been proven on some of the heaviest splitboard mountaineering achievements on the planet. Featuring the same trim and power as the Hovercraft, only with a carbon topsheet and core inserts that cut weight by 25%, the Ultracraft Splitboard is the ultimate ride for long days fulfilling big dreams in monster terrain.

Stiffness: 7/10, Directional Rocker, Camber Under Foot
Mellow Magne-Traction, Blunt Nose, Progressive Sidecut
Sintered 9900 Base, Stone Ground Finish, Recycled ABS
OneBall Jay BIO Wax, Karakoram Hardware




Splitboarding in Austria: Tirol, Near Schlick – Panoramic & Cashew

Saturday, March 16th, 2013


Investing in a splitboard is way cheaper than a heli-trip!

With the advances in manufacturing processes the market for splitboards has exploded. Splitboarding allows snowboarders the ability to traverse steep, snow-covered terrain that was previously only accessible by skis or snowshoes. With splitboards the only extra equipment required is a pair of collapsable poles which you can stow for the ride down. If you’ve never seen them, a splitboard does exactly what it’s called. A snowboard that splits down the middle and allows the rider to attach skins to use them for uphill climbing. At the summit, the rider then detaches the skins, reassembles the board and rides away clean. Our K2 Panoramic Splitboard in particular is great on steep, fast terrain and varied conditions so it’s ideal for powder as well as Spring corn. As we inch toward Spring conditions in the backcountry get safer and that makes it the perfect time to get out there.

Check out our write-up of the K2 Panoramic Splitboard Package here. Also be sure to view our current sales and promotions on tons of winter gear going on now.

Review: K2 Panoramic Splitboard Kit, Backcountry Snowboarding Gear

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013
k2 panoramic splitboard review

Under-rotated a front flip. Binding shredded to bits (see remaining puck). Board, plates and hardware remain completely in tact.


I have been fortunate enough to tour with an awesome splitboard this season and during the second half of last season: the K2 Panoramic Splitboard. Given the far-below-average snowfall the Sierras have received this winter, the Panoramic has been ideal. In powder it surfs like a dream. In corn it rips and lays down hard slashes that move even the heaviest snow, so I can fake “face shots” when they’re really more like “ankle shots”. In crud and chop, it handles like a beast. Not like the yacht that most powder boards resemble when they encounter rough n’ tough stuff, either. This feels more like a wakeboard boat that turns on a dime and weaves in and out of trees as if they were other boats on crowded water. Nothing has changed about the Panoramic Splitboard since last year besides the top-sheet graphics, so this review of the 2013 Panoramic Split equally applies to the 2014 K2 Panoramic Splitboard.

k2 panoramic splitboard kit

Includes everything you need to shred.

This board is lightweight yet strong, making crusty and sticky snow easier to manage. The graphics are also pretty sweet, and the colorful deck-bottom stands out in flat light and in white-out conditions, which should stoke the photographer you dragged up the hill with you.

On a scale of 1-10, 1 being flexible like a park board and 10 being as stiff as they come, I give the Panoramic a 7. It’s stiff enough to be dependable on steep terrain and in no-fall zones, but flexes enough that it’s fun to drive and you can still ollie out of pow and execute clean 180-switch-nose-butters.

The Panoramic is set back one-inch so you float even better when the snow gets deep, and has a sintered base so it’s that much faster. I’d say this board is good pretty much all across the board: steep chutes and hard-packed, slick traverses; trees, both dense and lightly scattered; sun-baked crust, dirty early-May crud, and even groomed runs in-bounds (you can make some mean carves on this badhawk).

The K2 Panoramic Splitboard Kit comes shready! When you get the splitboard package deal you get hardware (mostly installed, besides stance) in addition to K2 touring skins, so it’s ready to shred straight outta the box!

The new climbing skin technology that K2 is using are also super freakin’ sweet! Rather than having to worry about skin glue losing its grip between trips or when exposed to wet snow, we can now depend on the K2 skin clips (nose and tail) to keep our skins taught, thus reducing the need for excessive glue. This also greatly reduces frustrations often experienced at the summit, when all you want is to switch from tour-mode to ride-mode as fast as possible. K2 climbing skins will not stick to your gloves, nor to one another, so you can re-assemble your board with ease and begin ripping much faster than with traditional split skins that lack tail clips. To top it off, the folks who design K2 splitboards colored their skins bright green, which automatically boosts your style points when you’re trudging around in the middle of nowhere with nobody in sight.

I brought this board into some of the best powder of the season, as well as some of the crummiest, heavy and chunky snow. In both scenarios I was thoroughly impressed with the Panoramic’s all-around excellent performance. On a scale of 1-10, I’d give K2’s splitboard technology (board & skins) a 9. It doesn’t get a 10 because I’m leaving room for improvement. Keep your eyes peeled this coming fall for a ladies version of the Panoramic, the K2 Northern Lite splitboard. It features a female-specific flex and width, but offers all the great characteristics of it’s big brother.


axtel mountain pencil chute crested butte backcountry

I snapped this pic from the sled on our way out, after shredding the center chute a ‘new one’.
You too can be (almost) this cool with a board that performs as well as the Panoramic.

Pieps DSP Avalanche Beacon
Pieps DSP Avalanche Beacon
MSRP: $449.95
K2 Speed Shovel
K2 Speed Shovel
MSRP: $69.95
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