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Snowkiting at Skyline, Utah

Friday, January 28th, 2011

Snowkiting till Dusk

WHO: Dave and Pam – Tahoe Mountain Sports Owners

WHAT: Snowkiting

WHERE: off Skyline Drive, Mt. Pleasant, Utah

WHEN: Late January 2011

GEAR: Ozone Frenzy 11m and 13m Kites, Ozone Base Harness and ContourGPS Helmet Camera

Last week, the Tahoe Mountain Sports adventurous team travelled to Utah for a week of skiing, working and then, of course, snowkiting. We started out at Alta with the Mountain Hardwear crew to test out their new DryQ fabric (more on this in a future blog post), then down to Salt Lake City for Outdoor Retailer and finally to a tiny town 2 hours south of Salt Lake called Mt. Pleasant, Utah. Here is where most would likely say, “You’re going where?” or “Are you crazy? There is nothing down there!” But, little known to the outside world, this is pretty much the Mecca for high-alpine snowkiting… seriously one of the most addicting and exciting sports that exists. Mt. Pleasant also happens to be home base for Ozone Kites‘ USA headquarters and they even have a bar attached to the warehouse (the only bar in the entire county no less).

Skyline is a truly unique place. It’s basically a paved and plowed road, at 10,000 ft. above sea level that runs for about 15 miles. They have a plowed out, huge parking area that is shared by kiters and snowmobilers alike, and they even have an avalanche beacon basin where you can hone your avy search skills.

Heather walking up from the parking area to the launch zone

Heather walking up from the parking area to the launch zone

You can see in the pic that there is a super flat launching area right next to the parking lot and then miles and miles of hills, terrain features and untouched powder (or semi-powder/hardpack when we were there). The best part of Skyline is the huge hill right next to the launching zone and it is just super fun to kite uphill, tack back and forth at the top of for a little while and then pretty much soar down to your hearts and kites content. Day 1 had us kiting in very gusty, storm conditions, and I was on the Frenzy 9m. But, when we woke up on Sunday to bright sunny skies, I was worried the wind was not going to show up. So, we headed up the hill, waited for about 20 minutes through no winds and then BAM, in classic Skyline fashion, we got some light puffs and all of a sudden it was on with 10-15 knot winds making for a perfect light wind, end of vacation session.

I got a killer video of Brian (co-owner of Ozone USA/Windzup) ripping it up in front of me and then we both got a little hang time right at the end of the vid, though I didn’t quite land it! Here it is:

Pam getting ready to rip it up

Pam getting ready to rip it up

Brian riding along

Brian riding along

Snowkiting Skyline

Snowkiting Skyline

Dave Laying it out during the storm conditions of Day 1

Dave Laying it out during the storm conditions of Day 1

Heading down the hill

Heading down the hill

Snowkiting Skyline, Utah

Sunday, January 24th, 2010

I just got back from a quick trip to Utah that took Mike and I snowkiting for 2 and a half days at Skyline, Utah and then off to Outdoor Retailer to see all the new outdoor gear for next winter. We met up with Brian and Heather from Ozone Kites USA down in Mt. Pleasant, Utah, borrowed some Ozone Manta and Ozone Frenzy kites and headed up the hill for some fantastic conditions. For those that have never been to Skyline before, just imagine a road at 9,500 ft that is 30 or so miles long and is plowed all winter long and is above tree line! All the days we were there, it was pretty stormy and cloudy, but it seemed to clear up long enough for us to get 3 amazingly killer sessions in. The video below, taken with the Vholdr ContourHD 1080p was filmed at about 5:00 pm with the Vholdr goggle mount and just look at the clarity and light in the footage. I was really impressed as to how the Vholdr picked up the snow and the kite in the super flat light. Check out the Vholdr video:

None of my blog posts would be complete without some sort of outdoor gear review included, so here is that part. I certainly had a hard time deciding which skis to bring on this trip, as I knew there would be powder awaiting us in Utah. So, instead of going with the trusty powder boards that I am used to (Black Diamond Megawatts), I took the Black Diamond Zealots in order to be a bit more versatile in case I needed that option. I really like this years Zealots as they are fat enough to rock the powder and crud and with the slight rocker in the tip, they just rule it in such a huge variety of conditions. For snowkites, I was flying the new Ozone Manta III 12m, which is by far my favorite kite due to its awesome combination of power, turning ability, and pop…….and wow does that kite just want to pop! Mike was using the Ozone Frenzy 11m and it was the perfect kite for him as it did not overpower him and his more intermediate/advanced skills. As for our snowkiting harnesses, there really is none other than the Ozone Harness with the D-ring. It is so low profile, light weight, not bulky and super comfortable. I had about 50 pics to post as well, but I moronically deleted them with a simple click of the mouse, so oh well, that’s what we get for working with too much technology these days!

Get out there snowkiting and send us your stories!

Lake Tahoe Beach Snowkiting

Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

For years I have been dreaming of snowkiting on the beach right outside the store but the conditions never seem to line up right because you need the perfect combination of snow to stick to the beach and the wind to not blow the snow off the beach. Well, I finally got my chance this past weekend (March 8, 2009), and Danielle of Danielle Hankinson Photography was there to catch me doing it. Flying my Ozone Frenzy 9m, and wearing my Ozone Harness I was able to rip it up on the shores of Lake Tahoe and get some sweet pics to prove it. Check em out!

Lake Tahoe Snowkite Series – Part 2

Monday, January 19th, 2009

This week we headed down to Grass Lake, which is about 15 minutes outside of South Lake Tahoe. We had light winds all day, but at least we had wind. The Ozone Manta 12m and the Frenzy 11m were easily the most used and most popular kites of the day. The lessons went great as you can see in the pics below and everybody had a blast. Thanks to all who came out and see you in Feb for the next one!


Mark R. shows how to fly a trainer kite


Check out those mittens!


Chris gets the Manta going


Ozone Frenzy 11m in flight!

Drift Snowkite Magazine Launch

Friday, November 14th, 2008

The first ever magazine completely focused on Snowkiting is now available for free! Yes, Free I said. They are making it available to everybody via a download, so you can pass it on to your friends and everybody can check it out. Aptly named, Drift Snowkite Magazine, is packed with 50+ pages of snowkiting info, sweet pics, and tons of location beta as well. Don’t forget to check out our complete selection of Ozone Snowkites in every size, style and color.  Here are a few small peeks at what is inside the real mag:

Drift Snowkite Magazine Cover
Drift Snowkite Magazine Cover
Drift Snowkite Magazine Gear Guide
Drift Snowkite Magazine Gear Guide
Drift Snowkite Magazine Feature Article
Drift Snowkite Magazine Feature Article
Drift Snowkite Magazine Ride Guide By State
Drift Snowkite Magazine Ride Guide By State

New Stuff that Just Arrived

Friday, September 26th, 2008

Hi All-

As this will be my first post on our new Tahoe Mountain Sports – Outdoor Gear Blog, I was going to update you on some of the newest and coolest products we just got in.

First, we just added the brand new Mammut Slackline Set which will allow you to set up your slacklines quickly and efficiently. Not to mention that they come with everything you will need, so you don’t have to worry about buying all new slings and webbing and making sure they are the right size.

The next batch of stuff I wanted to alert you too is the brand new 2009 Ozone snowkite range. There are 3 main kites in the range: the Access XC, the Frenzy FYX, and the Manta II. The Access has not changed much from last year except for the bar setup, but the Frenzy and Manta have gotten redesigns in both the bar and the kite. These kites are sweet, super stable in the air, and will give you everything you have always wanted for your snowkite quiver.

Lastly, we are happy to offer footwear for all seasons now. The Keen Targhee II and the Chaco Canyonlands with Event are great all terrain, all conditions, all around trail and everyday shoes that will keep your feet dry and comfortable all winter long.

That’s it for now, we will provide more updates regularly so check back often!

-Dave, TMS

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