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The Mother’s Day Buying Guide: Gift Ideas For Outdoor Moms

Friday, May 3rd, 2013

This post comes from Pam Jahnke, owner and purchaser at Tahoe Mountain Sports. Pam leads an active outdoor life and she’s all about durable, reliable equipment. She also has a fabulous sense for fashion, so she’s highly skilled in picking the top-performing and best-looking outdoor gear. We asked Pam what she thought would make the best Mother’s Day gifts for moms who love outdoor sports and travel. Here’s the useful motherly advice she had for us:


Flowers are nice, but they die. Give the wonderful outdoors loving mother, wife, grandmother, or partner in your life something they can enjoy everyday and use to keep themselves healthy! I’ve looked through everything in the store to come up with the top three products for runners, hikers and travelers that I think would put a huge smile on someone’s face this Mother’s Day.

Gift idea for outdoor mom

There’s Pam, smiling about something she loves dearly.

For the Hiker ~

My friend Dayna and I are planning a weeklong backpacking trip in September so I’m all about hiking and camping gear right now.

CamelBak Day StarA good hydration backpack is a must. I had the same Gregory Backpack for 10 years and just upgraded to the Camelbak Day Star Hydration Pack. Wow, what a difference! This pack feels so good to wear and provides more support than my old pack, plus at 18-liters there’s enough volume to carry everything you need. I also love the Camelbak hydration bladder with Bite Valve.


Sun protection is also a must. That means a good hat and lots of sunscreen. We have tons of great hats right now so I suggest you take a look and pick one that matches your mom’s style. For hiking I like the Prana Sally Sun HatPrana sally sun hatIt has a medium brim that provides nice coverage without getting in the way of a backpack and it’s lightweight, cute and dries quickly. I recently tried (and became hooked) on Sierra Summits Apres Ultra Light Daily Facial Moisturizer.  It has a super light, silky texture and works well to protect, which is very important living at 6,200 feet with never-ending exposure to sun, wind, snow and water.

Patagonia Piton Pullover



Now for a cute layering piece. The Patagonia Piton Pullover is a great deal at 30% off. It’s a more techie fleece in a cute package with a smooth face fabrication, so it’s ideal for layering and offers an athletic fit for warmth. This is a great year round piece.



For the Runner ~

There are so many fun and cute things for runners right now!

Salomon XR sensibelt



The Salomon XR Sensibelt is super lightweight with this amazing mesh Velcro belt that adjusts and molds to your body for an exact fit that doesn’t move around. It’s easy to reach your water and the bottle won’t fall out while you’re running.


womens yurbuds sport earbuds


Yurbuds – These little ear buds are amazing! They have completely changed my running. They come in different sizes so you get a custom fit that’s way more comfortable than one-size-fits-all buds, and they lock into place so you don’t have to adjust them while running. Click here for a useful article with more info and videos about Yurbuds.


the north face gtd running short


Gear is fun but cute new clothes are always on every girls list. I recommend The North Face GTD Short Sleeve Running Short and Eat My Dust Skirt. We run faster when we look good, right?


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