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Dave Honored by Leave No Trace

TMS's owner is one of Leave No Trace's top member-activists of 2011. Congrats Dave!

Learning to Leave No Trace

Roadtrips, decomposing trash, pee-thirsty goats... read about the things we learned with Leave No Trace

LEAVE sNOw TRACE – March 10-13

Leave No Trace comes to town for a full weekend of events alongside our big season-end Sasquatch sale!

Camping in Tahoe, Without a Trace

Todd talks about the importance of Leave No Trace ethics in the Tahoe Basin and his summer camping in the Tahoe wilderness

5 Under $50: Leaving No Trace

Five items, all under $50, to help you leave no trace when camping.

Like Us on Facebook, Support Leave No Trace

For every new Tahoe Mountain Sports Facebook fan we get in the next two weeks, we're donating $1 to Leave No Trace!