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Adventures of a 1-Year-Old Skier

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

Deciding on the youngest age to teach a kid to ski depends on who you ask. If you ask most resorts, they say around 3 years old. If you ask the Larkins family of Tahoe City, they say ASAP. In this Tahoe Mountain Sports Adventure of the Week, we hear from the littlest Larkins family member, who, at almost 16 months old, already has 4 days under her belt this season.

WHO: Makenna Larkins

WHAT: Skiing the corduroy

WHERE: Alpine Meadows

WHEN: 2010-11 ski season, and 2009-10 ski season

GEAR: A Patagonia fleece hat to add some padding to my helmet (I’m still growing into it), warm mittens, and the highest-performance skis on the market… I think mine are Black Diamond Megawatt Minis

Hey, I am Makenna and I am almost 16 months old. My good friend Lis from Tahoe Mountain Sports asked me to write a blog post about my skiing adventures. Being born and raised (so far) in Tahoe is pretty unbelievable. Last April my Dad took me up Sherwood at Alpine Meadows in a backpack. It was closed so he skinned up and then he skied down with me in tow.

My summer was great, but this winter thing has my parents hooked, so off to the slopes it was for me as of opening day at Alpine Meadows! When the snow fell this November I was already itching to get out myself. My first few days I just did laps with my Mom off of Meadow chair. Then this past Wednesday my Dad figured I was ready for Summit 6, that and the fact that it was the only chair turning had me headed up to the expert slopes! I loved it. I was laughing and giggling the whole way down. Here are some pics of me shredding, and my expert tips on the best way to learn to ski when you’re little:

Tip #1: Ride up the lift sandwiched between two strong, handsome men.

Tip #2: Position yourself between a pair of strong legs, then think about pizza and french fries.

Tip #3: Keep your eye on the prize.

Tip #4: Look extra cute when finished to get loads of attention and great family portraits you’ll cherish forever and ever.

I can’t wait for my next day out, hopefully this coming Friday. Keep an eye out for me on the hill! Makenna.

The Tahoe Mountain Sports Adventure of the Week blog series takes a walk (or hike, bike, ski, surf, climb, dive) in someone else’s shoes, from pro athletes to local Tahoe adventurers. Let us know if you’ve got an adventure to share.

Squaw Valley Opening Weekend 2010

Thursday, November 25th, 2010

Tahoe ski resort openings are on everyone’s mind this week as the chairs start spinning around Lake Tahoe. Five-year Squaw resident and Moment Skis sales rep Rom Marcucci gives us the update on Squaw Valley opening weekend 2010.

WHO: Rom Marcucci and several hundred pros, bros and weekend warriors

WHAT: Skiing opening weekend

WHERE: Squaw Valley USA

WHEN: November 21-22, 2010

GEAR: waterproof ski jacket, Smith ski helmet, a sense of restraint knowing what kind of sharks lie beneath the powder

If you love deep powder and don’t mind the consequences of what 4 feet of it on top of rock can do to your gear/body, this past weekend at Squaw was pretty amazing. Early Saturday morning I had the brilliant idea to go for a skin before Squaw opened, taking advantage of a sunny weather window. Unfortunately, 12 inches of blower on top of rock/dirt/pinecones/manzanita made for poor conditions. I quickly gave up and headed down to the ski area. Squaw has been blowing snow relentlessly for the past week, giving us a bit of a base under the powder. I skied some laps on the 200 vertical feet of Searchlight before heading into work. The conditions certainly weren’t epic, but it was great to catch up with some old ski buddies.

When I opened my door on Sunday morning, I was shocked by how much snow we’d received. Everything was covered in several feet of fluff. I got in line for Red Dog at 8:30, scoring a pretty good position. Unfortunately, it took until 10:15 for patrol to clear everything. With work at 11, I managed to squeeze in three runs… and what runs they were! The snow was so deep. The skiing improved on the second and third runs as the flat spots packed down. So many of my turns were over the head. People seemed thrilled to be wallowing in it. With even more on the way, it is going to be an amazing week in Tahoe. This much early season snow is something I’ll certainly be thankful for.

The Tahoe Mountain Sports Adventure of the Week blog series takes a walk (or hike, bike, ski, surf, climb, dive) in someone else’s shoes, from pro athletes to local Tahoe adventurers. Let us know if you’ve got an adventure to share.

First Turns of the 2010-11 Ski Season

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

With the biggest November storm to hit Tahoe in decades, everybody at the store got out and played in the deep stuff. Some of us went to the West Shore where the snow was measured in body parts… my track had us breaking snow up to our thighs, while others headed up to Mt. Rose where the top was thigh deep, but the bottom still had some rocks popping up and was a little sketchy. Black Diamond skis were definitely the tools of choice and the Black Diamond Megawatt made its earliest season debut in years. Luckily, we also had our trusty ContourHD with GPS enabled helmet cam to capture the deepness. Enjoy the photos and videos from the Lake Tahoe backcountry. And come enjoy the snow yourself — some mountains are reporting 100 inches for the week!

Still Skiing Powder……

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

May 11th has come and what better way to celebrate than with yet another day of light, epic powder skiing? Woke up to about a foot of fresh snow and Alpine Meadows ski resort was the choice of the day. Since the resort is closed and I have been skiing Squaw all year, we thought it was a great choice. The crew started hiking and with a groomed track to follow, it made easy and fast going. The group had all sorts of gear from Tahoe Mountain Sports including the Deuter Freerider 30 backpack, some Black Diamond skis, poles and bindings and my Mammut Viento Jacket. Once at the top, we headed over to the Palisades and skied a lap there and then donned our skins again to get up to High Yellow and skied that all the way to the glorious bottom. Who knows how much longer this pow series is going to last, but here at Tahoe Mountain Sports, we love skiing, so we are ok with it…….though some flip flop weather is not too much to ask for;) Happy turns!

Squaw Powder Day 2.18.09

Saturday, February 21st, 2009



Here is our latest POV video from Squaw Valley this past Wednesday 2.18.09. It was a perfect bluebird pow day and the entire mountain opened pretty much at the same time, which almost never happens. I got a little bit of a late start so I missed a lot of the untracked, but still managed to find some fun lines.

Carson Pass BC 1/29

Friday, January 30th, 2009

After a mostly dry January, a late month storm brought some much needed snow to the Tahoe area. Below are a few pictures from the Carson Pass area backcountry from January 29th. The snow was pretty variable and wind affected, but we managed to find a few shots of nice boot deep powder in areas protected from both the sun and wind. For gear on this trip, I used the Black Diamond Verdict 180 with Fritschi Freeride Plus bindings and Ascension Custom Skins, as well as the Black Diamond Outlaw Avalung Pack and Carbon Fiber Poles. All of this gear performed flawlessly on this trip, but the Black Diamond Verdict Skis really stood out. They are light enough to tour and stiff enough to handle variable snow conditions with ease. They are one of the more versitile skis I have tried and are a perfect go-to backcountry ski for when you need a ski that can handle any conditions you may encounter.

Let it Snow!

Sunday, December 21st, 2008
The Tahoe Basin has been experiencing a series of storms that have made for some excellent skiing and riding. The picture below was taken on 12/17 in the Mt. Rose area and we have recieved significantly more snow since. It’s still an early season snowpack, so watch out for rocks, but the season has officially begun in the Lake Tahoe Backcountry!
Tahoe BC 12/17

Tahoe BC 12/17

Summer Skiing

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008
So the cooler weather and chance of snow in the forecast got me thinking about the last time I had skis on my feet and I thought I’d post a few pictures from my last time skiing back on June 7th. I had been staring at the little ribbon of snow left over in avalanche gully every time I drove to my house for several weeks before I finally went for it one day.
The Objective

The Objective

After a little route finding adventure, we made the top in decent time.

Looks a Little Bony

Looks a Little Bony

 The chute was pretty sun cupped and had a few rocks poking through but the snow was not too sloppy considering how warm it was. All in all it was a fun way to wrap up the season.

Not Bad Snow for June

Not Bad Snow for June

I finsished skiing by 1:00pm and went and rafted the Boca to Floriston section of the Truckee river the same day! Days like this are what make living and playing in Tahoe so amazing. Keep checking back here for reviews on the latest gear, company news, and trip reports all winter long!

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