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Awesome Stories Earn Awesome Rewards! Got A Kuhl Pants Story?

Saturday, October 13th, 2012

We’re doing another Kuhl Clothing giveaway – just in time for fall hiking/climbing and the winter wonderland on its way! Celebrate fall in style with a fresh pair of Kuhl pants and a Kuhl shirt.

Kuhl Tiger – photo from Kuhl’s Facebook Page

Contest Guidelines: In 100 words or less, tell us your most memorable moment that involved clothing. It could be hilarious, embarassing, or inspirational – just keep your wordage PG-rated.

Just post up your story on our Facebook wall and @ tag Kuhl’s Facebook Page for your chance to win pair of Kuhl pants and a Kuhl shirt! Photos are welcome, just keep ’em appropriate. We’ll pick the winner, but we may ask for Facebook fans to help by ‘liking’ their favorite!

Our last Kuhl Facebook contest was a huge success, so let’s keep the free stuff moving!

Kuhl Tough – photo from Kuhl’s Facebook Page

Winner Selection: The winner, to be chosen October 29 on our Facebook page, will get to choose one pair of Kuhl Pants AND one Kuhl Shirt, color and sizing subject to availability. Free shipping inside the continental US. If the winner is outside the US, winner will be responsible for shipping charges.

Kuhl clothing is made out of tough yet comfortable materials that stand up to the rigors of the outdoors without being stiff or rough. Kuhl clothing is perfect for long days on the trail or on the rock. All their pants feature a blend of cotton and synthetic materials to give you the best feel, durability, temperature and moisture regulation. Crotch gussets and unique patterns mean unrestricted movement that won’t pull or bind.

Kuhl Pants at Tahoe Mountain Sports

A close-up of one of the Kuhl clothing racks at Tahoe Mountain Sports.


Here are just a few of the Kuhl products we carry at Tahoe Mountain Sports:


Kuhl Feevr Shirt

The Kuhl Feevr Shirt is a great everyday shirt for both the office and the outdoors. UPF 30 sun protection, plus odor control so your stink doesn’t stick.


Kuhl Revolvr Pants

Kuhl Revolvr Pants are tough, durable pants for both the adventurer and the traveler. With the strength of nylon blended into an Oxford cotton weave, they feel cool and comfortable like cotton, but last even longer.
Kuhl Slackr Pants

Kuhl Slackr Pants look like casual work pants, but are designed to keep up with the rigors of the outdoors. Go from the office to the trail without sacrificing time to change clothes.
Kuhl Jeans

Kuhl Jeans are the golden pair of Kuhl pants – so comfy, versatile and awesome, they’re the ‘jeans’ of their clothing line.


Head over to our Facebook page and contribute your entertaining story for a chance to win some Kuhl clothes for yourself!


Why Kuhl is so Cool

Monday, January 30th, 2012

The Kuhl Spy Jacket in its native mountain environment.

Walk into Tahoe Mountain Sports on any given day, and odds are one of us is wearing Kuhl clothing – if not all of us. Every guy here owns at least one pair of the Kuhl Rydr pant – and it turns out, that’s what Kuhl was aiming for.

While we like to geek out on all the latest and greatest technical outwear for the days we’re out in the mountains, Kuhl, started by folks with the same passions, set out to make clothing for the rest of our lives.

“Even the best climbers or skiers still spend more time in town then on the summit,” said Kevin Boyle, one of the founders and lead designer at Kuhl at a recent interview with TMS at Outdoor Retailer.

Boyle, an avid skier, his brother Jay, along with John “Alf” Engwall and world-renowned climber Conrad Anker started off together with the Alf hat in 1983, which evolved into the Kuhl clothing brand we know today.

“We want to make the best pants in the world,” Boyle said.

And at Tahoe Mountain Sports, we think they may just be the best pants in the world.

What makes them so great? It boils down to comfort, fit, functionality, durability and style, all blended into one. Here’s a video of Boyle walking us through all that goes into a pair of Kuhl Pants:

“My job is to travel the world and find people who are passionate about making great fabrics. We work with the actual weavers and mills, so we’re not using the same fabrics everybody else has,” Boyle said.

The fabrics have to be felt to be believed, from sturdy yet soft canvas used in pants and jackets like the Kuhl Burr to Alfpaca and merino wool fleeces that even the most austere mountain man wouldn’t be embarrassed to call luxurious.

And the attention to detail, from complex patterns used to create an ergonomic fit to Italian snaps that don’t twist and dig into your stomach and even high-end fabrics used for the pockets all come together to make Kuhl Clothing something special.

You’ve got to try it on – once you do, you’ll want to wear it everyday – and they’re tough enough that you can for years to come.

“We’re not going to sit still,” Boyle said. “Even though we’ve been successful we’re haven’t created the product yet that will define our brand, we’re still striving to be better and better.”


Check out our Kuhl Clothing section at Tahoe Mountain Sports and find out for yourself what makes Kuhl some of the best outdoor clothing around.
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