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Go Pro Hero 3 Black Edition – The Best Camera For Action Sports?

Thursday, June 20th, 2013

Well, that depends on the characteristics you’re comparing. No, the Go Pro Hero 3 Black won’t zoom in to capture footage of first base from the dugout or your friend skiing a pillow line two hundred feet away. But it will do just about everything else you could ask for in an everyday, grab-n-go camera with built-in WiFi (remote included, waterproof up to 10 meters), and it’s smaller than a tennis ball. It doesn’t weigh much, either. At 2.6 ounces it’s barely noticeable…don’t lose it, kids – it’s also almost $400). But for that price any true photographer in their right mind would admit it’s one helluva bang for your buck. Who wouldn’t want an ultra-wide angle lens with an f-stop of 2.8 and the ability to take high-quality time lapse images? Don’t bother setting the ISO or bringing along an intervalometer – just set it to shoot every couple seconds and come back when you want it to stop. Wanna go all night? Take a Battery BacPac and double your battery life so you don’t have to stop your project halfway through. Check out the video quality in this short GoPro flick:

The Hero 3 Black shoots a wide range of qualities, from 720px at 120 fps and 1080 px at 60 fps all the way to a professional 4K Cinema 15 fps and 2.7K cinema 30 fps. Throw in an ultra-wide angle and much-improved low light capabilities since its predecessor, and the newest member of the GoPro family can produce better still photos faster than many professional cameras on the market. The Black Edition is also compatible with all the mounts you could ask for (GoPro handlebar mounts, GoPro roll cage mounts, GoPro baby sister mounts, etc, etc.) and waterproof up to 60 meters. Review your footage from the lift chair or while sitting in the lineup, and control the camera with your smartphone using the free GoPro app.

If you didn’t already know you wanted a GoPro Hero3 Black Edition before you read this review, you’ve surely realized by now how much you could use one. Even if you were never fond of GoPro from the start because you’re, say, loyal to your DSLR or film camera (we call them ‘late adopters’), or you just know you could create the same shot with the ‘real’ gear already in your quiver, admit it – this is a great achievement along the lifeline of photography. People with little to no skill can use a camera that weighs less than my cell phone to capture images that others have spent years (and thousands of dollars) learning to create. No manual settings, no swapping lenses, no adding extra pounds around to your pack load.

Hit Features:go pro hero 3 black edition

Professional, cinema-quality video at twice the resolution and twice the frame-rate of previous models while delivering twice better performance in low-light conditions.

Slow motion and top quality performance –  1080p-60, 720p-120, WVGA-240, 960p-100 and 1440p-48; 2.7KP-30 fps and 4KP-15 fps

Wi-Fi Remote is waterproof, wearable and can control up to 50 Wi-Fi-enabled GoPro cameras simultaneously from 600 feet away. Built in Wi-Fi can be controlled by iOS smartphones and tablets running the GoPro App.

What are the differences between the GoPro Hero3 Black, Silver and White editions?

White Edition: f/2.8 6-element lens, 5 megapixels, 3 photos per second
Silver Edition: f/2.8 6-element Aspherical Lens, 11 megapixels, 10 photos per second
Black Edition: f/2.8 6-element Glass Aspherical Lens, photos twice as sharp, 12 MP, 30 fps burst mode, shoots 1440 / cinema quality, three more burst modes, can take photos during video, WiFi-compatible

Get your GoPro Hero3 Black Edition and all your accessories and GoPro add ons at Tahoe Mountain Sports!

GoPro LCD Touch BacPac
GoPro LCD Touch BacPac
MSRP: $79.99
GoPro Wall Charger
GoPro Wall Charger
MSRP: $39.99
GoPro Chest Mount Harness
GoPro Chest Mount Harness
MSRP: $39.99

Outside Magazine’s 2013 Gear Of The Year At Tahoe Mountain Sports

Friday, May 31st, 2013

outside mag gear of the year



We found more than twenty Gear Of The Year winners in the 2013 Outside Buyer’s Guide that are sold at Tahoe Mountain Sports. It feels good to be reassured we’re carrying the gear you want the most! Here’s a quick rundown of what’s in the mag and in our store.


The following products were chosen by Outside Magazine’s team of testers and may or may not reflect the true opinions of TMS employees.





Best Multi-Day Backpack

Deuter Aircontact Pro 70 + 15


The Deuter Aircontact Pro 70+15 was deemed the “best for the heftiest loads” and “most breathable big pack” because its padding and fit system work so well and provide great comfort while ventilating to keep you cool.




osprey xena 85


Osprey Xenith 88 and Women’s Xena 85
The best all around backpacking backpack that holds tons of gear and is featuristic, plus hugs the hips very well. The heat-moldable hip belts come standard, as with any Osprey backpacking pack, and are great for hauling larger loads.


Best Day Pack or Overnight Pack

the north face casimir 36


The North Face Casimir 36 Backpack is the “best pack for overnights and all day adventures”. With minimalist features, a fast and light design, and one of the most customizable hip belts and torso lengths on the market, this ultralight daypack is perfect for overnight jaunts or bagging peaks from basecamp. Click here to watch the video.



Best Backpacking Tents

the north face mica fl 2

The best Tent Of The Year is The North Face Mica FL 2 – a three-season, two-person ultralight backpacker. It weighs less than 3-lbs, sets up in a jiffy and breathes incredibly well. Vertical sidewalls create more comfortable living space and, according to testers, the Mica FL 2 has “the easiest doors to climb in and out of”. Click here to watch the video.




Best Backpacking Sleeping Bag

nemo nocturne 30

The Nemo Nocturne 30 spoon-shaped sleeping bag is the best bag yet for those of us who sleep on our sides and want the most comfortable sleep possible in the backcountry. The curves mimic our body shape, a water-resistant footbox protects the insulation from condensation on your tent wall, and the bag only weighs two pounds.



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