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Mountain Biking Mount Rose Meadows to Chimney Beach

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

WHO: Lis and 9 friends

WHAT: mountain biking

WHERE: Tahoe’s East Shore, from Mt. Rose Meadows to Chimney Beach

WHEN: October 16, 2011

GEAR: SmartWool PhD socks, polarized sunglasses

Oh man, I can’t get enough of this ride! Mountain biking from Mount Rose Meadows off Highway 431 to Chimney Beach is definitely my current obsession, and the trails are prime right now. With sun in the sky but moisture in the soil from the past few weeks’ snow and rain, it doesn’t get much better for mountain biking in Tahoe. The Chimney Beach downhill can get pretty sandy and loose, so it’s a treat to catch it in this condition.

You’ll need to prep for this ride with some shuttle drops. We managed to make it happen with 10 people (yeah, we were a big crew!) and one car at the bottom of the Chimney Beach downhill (two folks hitchhiked back up, and two cars had to return back to pick up the other riders).

The best map of the ride I found was from Here’s the full Mount Rose Meadows to Chimney Beach map, with other options also highlighted. As you can see there are loads of ways to do this. I’ve taken the Flume (which is a must-do) but recommend the Tahoe Rim Trail to Marlette Peak route (which we took on this trip) for an extra cardio kick and to bypass the Flume crowds on weekends. I’ve zoomed in on a few key sections below so you can really get a view of the important turns.

Here’s the starting point off Highway 431, Mt Rose Highway (start on the trail on the east side of the highway, just to the meadow’s right, and take the trail that looks like it leads left):


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