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Sidecountry Skis, Boots, Bindings, & More Sidecountry Skiing Gear

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012


sidecountry skiing

As backcountry skiing becomes more popular and we see resorts opening more sidecountry (unmaintained and uncontrolled) terrain, the demand for better hybrid/crossover gear increases. We should be able to use the same gear in-bounds as we use out-of-bounds, ranging from the skis or snowboard you ride on to your clothes and the pack on your back. Jackets and pants that are waterproof enough to protect you from wet and heavy snowfall while sitting on a chairlift should also breathe well, lightweight and have little bulk for when you take them hiking or skinning uphill. Skis that turn and float well in powder should also make excellent GS turns, and must weigh less and be flat under-foot to maximize efficiency when touring and skinning uphill. AT bindings (Alpine Touring bindings) that are durable enough to support big cliff drops and are bomber through the moguls should also be uphill-capable and lightweight so skiers can go in and out of the ski area boundary with one rig.

Tahoe Mountain Sports can style you out in all the sidecountry skiing equipment you need to stay comfortable and mobile no matter the terrain you venture into. From the serious backcountry ski mountaineer to the in-bounds weekend warrior and everyone in between, our high-performance outerwear and technical ski gear accommodates all purposes and all styles. Listed below are just a few of the many products we carry that are ideal for riding both in and out-of-bounds.


Sidecountry Skis


k2 sidestash

K2 Sidestash / K2 Sidekick
These deep powder skis are perfect for resort powder-hunting and sidecountry excursions, and come ready and willing for full-on backcountry expeditions. K2 Sidestash skis for men, K2 Sidekick skis for women. Perfectly pre-cut K2 Sidestash/Sidekick climbing skins sold separately.





volkl katanas

Volkl Katana

A full rocker low-profile ski that maneuvers very well and can handle big landings, Volkl Katana skis are a great “quiver of one” for those who wish to rip hard absolutely everywhere.





salomon sidecountry ski

Salomon Rocker 2 – 108
A twin rocker ski with great flotation in powder and stability on hard-pack. The Salomon Rocker 2 spins and pivots on demand with a smooth and playful surfy feel, and rides switch-stance just as well.





Sidecountry Bindings


salomon guardian 16

Salomon Guardian 16 AT Binding
A low-profile AT binding that sits only 26 mm tall and has a wider  platform than most, so you feel more in-tune with your skis. A hands-free automatic step-in makes getting in and out easy, and a removable 115 mm brake and advanced Hike/Ride technology make the durable  Salomon Guardian Alping Touring binding ideal for skiing powerfully both in-bounds and in the backcountry.




Sidecountry Boots


Quest Max 120Salomon Quest Max 120
All-mountain Alpine Touring boots that hike well and ski even better. Twinframe technology, quick and easy hike/ride adjustment, and a 98 last that stretches to 104 last make the Salomon Quest Max 120 one of the best AT boots on the market.





Climbing Skins

GlideLite Mohair Skins

Black Diamond GlideLite Mohair Mix STS Climbing Skins
These ultralight and pack-able Black Diamond touring skins are thinner than Black Diamond Ascension Skins and slide with little effort. GlideLite Mohair skins come with tail clips and allow up to 20 cm of length adjustment. This skin is great for touring and fits easily in a backpack, making days split between in and out-of-bounds even easier.





arcteryx beta ar

Arc’Teryx Beta AR Jacket
This light and durable jacket is fully waterproof and boasts superior ventilation during high-output activities. The Beta AR Jacket has all the technical features you’d expect in a top-performing ski hardshell and will keep you warm and dry during all-day adventures.




Arc'Teryx Beta AR Pant

Arc’Teryx Beta AR Pant
These four-season waterproof pants pack down small and provide everything you need for resort, backcountry or sidecountry excursions. 3-Layer GORE-Tex and windproofing make the ArcTeryx Beta AR some of the best ski pants out there.




north face scythe jacket

The North Face Scythe Jacket
This ridiculously comfortable North Face fleece jacket is designed for moving and grooving in cold temperatures. The Scythe Jacket keeps you warm and is super-soft on the skin, with stretchy side panels for greater range of motion. This top is lightweight and packs down small, and comes from the The North Face Summit Series line.





 Breathable Helmets

smith vantage helmet

Smith Vantage Helmet
A lightweight and technologically superior helmet with dual ventilation zones that can be easily opened and closed while on the move. When the Smith Vantage is worn with Smith goggles, the pair’s seamless integration prevents fog better than the rest, so you don’t have to stop and waste time changing into a beanie or sunglasses.





Breathable Goggles

smith io goggle

Smith I/O Goggle
These goggles became popular for their simple lens interchangeability, but the Smith I/O is also awesome because they manage moisture incredibly well and have some of the best ventilation, that the user actually has the ability to regulate. They fit seamlessly with Smith helmets, and offer wide peripheral vision and great depth of field.




Crossover Gloves

marmot exum guide glove

Marmot Exum Guide Glove
This is one of the best ski gloves around, and also a great alpine climbing and mountaineering glove. Since it is waterproof, windproof and manages moisture so well, the Exum Guide Glove is ideal for many uses and would make a terrific sidecountry ski glove.





Sidecountry Backpacks


mammut nirvana

Mammut Nirvana
This top-of-the-line 35 liter backpack has all the technical features you need for a day in the mountains. Ice axe loops, a padded goggle pouch, EVA back padding, and a padded hip-belt are only a few of the awesome features that make the Nirvana backpack one of the best ski backpacks for sidecountry, backcountry or days riding the lifts.



mammut womens pack

Mammut Niva Ride

A women’s 20 liter backpack perfect for all-mountain skiing and freeriding. The Niva Ride has vertical straps for skis or a snowboard, a separate pocket for avalanche safety equipment, and is compatible with hydration systems. There are just too many cool features to mention that make this such a great ladies ski backpack. See for yourself!




Crossover Ski Poles

black diamond z poles


Black Diamond Compactor Poles

This four-season aluminum ski pole is super lightweight with 20 cm of adjust-ability. Compactor ski poles utilize Z-Pole technology to fold down small enough to fit in a backpack, also making them ideal as snowboard poles. 



Please Ski Responsibly! Always be careful when exploring the backcountry or traveling out of any ski area boundary. These areas are not controlled to prevent avalanches, so it’s all up to you and your partners when you venture out-of-bounds. It is best to carry a beacon, shovel and probe, and to know how to use them in case of an avalanche or burial situation.


Nikwax Ski Skin Waterproofing
Nikwax Ski Skin Waterproofing
MSRP: $8.25


Arc’teryx – Outdoor Apparel – Serious Attention To Detail

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

Build the finest products possible. That is the Arc’teryx mantra.

Named after ARCHAEOPTERYX LITHOGRAPHICA, the first reptile to develop feathers for flight and free itself from the constraints of the horizontal world, Arc’teryx clothing promotes athletes with performance enhancing technical features so they can do whatever it is they do without restraint. By using only the best materials available and utilizing the most innovative design techniques, they ensure their products will meet the specific demands of their loyal customers and last much longer than others on the market.

To make a garment that fits very well and has very few seams as well as next-to-no bulk takes years of R&D. Each Arc’teryx pant, Arc’teryx jacket and Arc’teryx backpack spends several years in development so that it’s the best it can be for those who demand nothing but the best. Buy one Arc’teryx jacket every three to five, or even ten years, versus buying a cheaper and easier to manufacture jacket from another company every year or two. There is good reason why the return rate of Arc’teryx products is less than one tenth of 1%. With numbers like these, it’s a given that a lifetime warranty is standard with all their products.

Our Arc’Teryx sales rep gives us the beta on their fine attention to detail.



GORE-TEX is made of Teflon, and has pores so small that water droplets cannot leak through. Those pores are still large enough to be penetrated by water vapor, making GORE-TEX a breathable, waterproof solution to the constant outdoor enthusiasts’ conundrum.

GORE-TEX Pro, the most durable GORE-TEX, can spend up to 500 hours in the wash before springing a leak.

GORE-TEX Active, the most breathable GORE-TEX, is almost as durable as GORE-TEX pro.

GORE-TEX Paclite, the lightest form of GORE-TEX with no extra lining to prevent damage from oils, so it packs down very small.

Arc’Teryx Apparel Genres:

Ascent – Climb, Alpine, Fast & Light
Whiteline – Ski & Snowboard
Endorphin -Aerobic sports, more breathable
Mountain Essentials – Best selling crossover gear, more durable than Ascent line


GORE-TEX has always required a high standard from their affiliated manufacturers because they don’t want their reputation damaged in the case that another company’s product leaks or fails due to poor construction. Arc’teryx has used their own innovative concepts to elevate some of those standards. For example, they spent seven years developing the reverse-coil polyurethane zipper . They sold that design to YKK, and now we see it in many products industry-wide.

GORE-TEX also used to require a standard 3/8″ seam allowance on all products sporting the GORE-TEX brand logo (The seam allowance is the overlapping seam left over when two pieces of material are sewn together.) Being the minimalists they are, Arc’teryx saw 3/8″ as too much unnecessary material and bulk, and almost 14 years ago they changed this standard to 1/8″. Two years later, they proved that 1/16″ of seam allowance was sufficient if it were sewn, glued and taped in place. To this day we still see products with all sorts of taped seams and extra “stuff”, an easy way out of spending extra time and money to manufacture only the best, but the highest performing products take the high road. They may cost more initially, but in the end they’re worth more because they will outperform and outlast the low-ballers.


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