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By Tahoe Mountain Sports Ambassador Kimberly Yamauchi.

ON Running Cloudflow Shoe Review –

About Me

I’m pretty much a loyalist when it comes to my running shoes.  Why fix something that’s not broken??  I’ve been running in the Brooks Ravenna as my road shoe for the last 8 years.  But, sometimes something new comes along that deserves my attention.  The On Cloudflow running shoe is that shoe.  It’s a road shoe, and I’m usually on the trails, but I was headed on a “road trip” and I knew I’d be doing some urban running.  Instead of throwing my old Brooks into my suitcase, I stopped by Tahoe Mountain Sports and decided the On Cloudflow shoe could be my Ravenna replacement.  I’m a slight pronator so I do like a little bit of support.  The ON cloud engineering provides the support that you need, and none that you don’t.  It’s a super light shoe with a nice solid feel.  It gives a little spring, isn’t bouncy, and has a great smooth ride.

Testing the Shoes

My first run was a track workout, so a nice soft surface.  It performed well and I ran comfortably for the entire workout.  We cooled down on asphalt and again, I liked the ride.  The shoe was so comfortable that I ended up wearing it as I traveled, through the airport, during my flight, etc.  My next run was along the lake front in Chicago.  This was a mix of surfaces – asphalt, dirt, concrete – and again, the shoe performed well for me throughout the run.  So much that I didn’t think about my shoe, just the beautiful Lake Michigan shoreline.  In addition to runs, this is now my “go-to” shoe for my gym workouts, great for weights, cross-training, etc.

The Bottom Line

If you haven’t tried on an ON running shoe – road or trail – give them a try.  I like the little “clouds” underfoot and feel that they are a great “up and coming” running shoe company.  I love that they are “Swiss Engineered” as I feel like the Swiss are just so cool, and BTW, this shoe broke the Ironman world record (it wasn’t me!).  My only complaint would be that the laces are a bit long, but that can be remedied with a pair of scissors, or a double knot.  I think some of their shoes actually have fancy lacing systems so no need to worry about dangling laces.

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kim-yamauchi-tahoe-mountain-sportsName: Kim Yamauchi (@kimyamauchi)
Core Activities: Trail running, mountain biking, road biking, skiing, Nordic skiing, backcountry skiing, kiteboarding (new sport), triathlon (occasionally), crossfit, yoga
Earliest Outdoor Memory: We were always outdoors, playing in the woods, playing in the snow (Buffalo and Minnesota), swimming in the lakes, skiing…I remember the first time my brother took me down a “mogul” run while skiing in Northern Minnesota. I think I fell after each mogul. At the bottom, I looked at him and said, “That was fun. lets do it again!”
Favorite Workout: I love being on the trails, whether mountain biking or trail running.  In the winter months, either Nordic skiing or backcountry/skinning.

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Kim is an avid outdoor enthusiast and enjoys playing in the mountains whenever she has the chance. You’ll find Kim trail running and mountain biking in the summer. In the winter months, Kim enjoys the nordic trails and downhill skiing. Her latest adventure is kite boarding, but she has yet to have much success with this new sport.

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