New and Used Backcountry Skis and Splitboards for Sale

Skis and Splitboards Now on Sale!

Spring is here which means it’s time to get rid of the old and make room for the new! Many of our demo skis and splitboards are now on sale. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current backcountry set up or start walking uphill for the first time, now is the time to get geared up for less and score a deep discount on a great backcountry set up.

Due to COVID-19, our front doors are closed. We are however offering free delivery to Truckee and North Lake Tahoe and free shipping with orders over $100. We are available from 11 am – 4 pm Monday – Friday to support our customers via phone or email.

Send us an email or give us a call for more information about the gear listed below and to place an order.

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New Backcountry Skis

New ski packages are representative only, and the binding choices shown are simply suggestions. Other combinations can be made, though the bindings types listed here are what we currently have in stock and get you the best deal. The skis listed are what we have left in stock. All new product purchases are eligible for rewards points credit.

Sale PriceOriginal PriceSkiBindingSkinsSki Size
$1000$1400Elan Ibex 93Dynafit Speed RadicalG3 Alpinist Grip163
$1100$1600Dynafit Beast 108Fritschi VipecG3 Alpinist Grip181
$900$1150Blizzard Sheeva 9Dynafit Speed RadicalG3 Alpinist Grip148
$1300$1550Black Crows Navis FreebirdG3 IonG3 Alpinist Grip167
$1300$1550Black Crows Navis FreebirdG3 IonG3 Alpinist Grip179
$1200$1440Black Crows Camox FreebirdBD Helio 145G3 Alpinist Grip
$1200$1580Icelantic Nomad Lite 105Fritschi VipecG3 Alpinist Grip191
$1100$1350Icelantic Mystic 97Dynafit Speed RadicalG3 Alpinist Grip162
$1250$1580Icelantic Mystic 107Fritschi VipecG3 Alpinist Grip169
$1200$1500G3 Seekr Elle 100G3 IonG3 Alpinist Grip162

Demo Backcountry Skis

Demo skis include skis, G3 Ion Bindings, and G3 Alpinist Skins. Demo ski sales are final, and are not eligible for rewards points credit.

Demo Skis for Sale

PriceSkiBindingSkinsSki Size
2018/2019 MODELS –    
$900Black Crows Camox FreebirdG3 Ion 10G3 Skins172
$900Black Crows Camox FreebirdG3 Ion 10G3 Skins178
$900G3 SeekrG3 Ion 10G3 Skins160
$700Elan Ibex 94G3 Ion 10G3 Skins163
$800K2 Wayback 106G3 Ion 10G3 Skins178
2019/2020 MODELS    
$1,000Black Crows Navis FreebirdG3 Ion 10G3 Skins173
$1,000Black Crows Navis FreebirdG3 Ion 10G3 Skins167
$1,200Black Crows Ferox FreebirdG3 Ion 10G3 Skins181
$1,000Blizzard Zero G 95G3 Ion 10G3 Skins171
$1,000Blizzard Zero G 95G3 Ion 10G3 Skins178
$1,000Blizzard Zero G 95G3 Ion 10G3 Skins185
$800Blizzard Zero G 105G3 Ion 10G3 Skins172
$900Icelantic MysticG3 Ion 10G3 Skins155
$900Icelantic MysticG3 Ion 10G3 Skins162
$1,000WNDR IntentionG3 Ion 10G3 Skins171
$1,000WNDR IntentionG3 Ion 10G3 Skins178

Backcountry Ski Boots

A note on bootfitting: As we are currently not offering any bootfitting services, if you are unhappy with your boots prior to 12/31/20 and end up wanting to return them, we will gladly offer a store credit for the cost of the boot minus a $100 restocking fee.

PriceBootAvailable Sizes
 Men’s – 
$50Dynafit Mercury29
$300Scott Cosmos26.5, 26.5, 28.5, 28.5, 30, 31.5
$300Scarpa Maestrale RS28.5, 29.5
 Women’s – 
$100Garmont Celeste25
$300Scarpa Gea24.5, 25.5
$300Scarpa Gea RS23.5, 25.0


All come with skins and pucks.

Demo Splitboards for Sale

$700K2 Marauder156
$700K2 Marauder159
$700K2 Marauder158 W
$700K2 Marauder163 W

Demo Splitboard Bindings for Sale

$200Spark SurgeM
$200Spark ArcM
$200Spark ArcM
$200Spark ArcL

Cross Country Skis

PriceCross Country SkisSize
$200Salomon Snowscape Ski, w/ Pilot BindingM
$200Salomon Snowscape Ski, w/ Pilot BindingL
$200Salomon Snowscape Ski, w/ Pilot BindingXL
PriceCross Country Ski BootsSize
$50Salomon Escape Boot, Pilot10
$50Salomon Escape Boot, Pilot10.5
$50Salomon Escape Boot, Pilot11.5
$50Salomon Escape Boot, Pilot11.5

We also have new and used snowshoes for sale. Call us today to get a great deal on a backcountry set up while supplies last!

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