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King of the Lake 2015 – A Player’s Retrospective

Friday, July 24th, 2015

This post comes from Amanda Zaccone, a friend of TMS and avid disc golfer (PDGA #59547) residing in Sacramento, CA.  Amanda was a top 10 finisher at the 2015 King of the Lake Tournament! 


Amanda teeing off with great form!

There are a select few disc golf tournaments which I consider to be a must attend every year. The first on this rather short list is the King of the Lake A-Tier event which takes place in Tahoe and Truckee. This tournament features 5 epic North Lake Tahoe courses over 3 days; Bijou Park & Zephyr Cove in South Lake, Sierra College & Truckee River Regional Park in Truckee, and Lake of the Sky in Tahoe Vista, which solidifies this event as the ultimate challenge and test of disc golf endurance I have ever had the privilege to experience.

This was my second year attending King of the Lake and it proved to be just as wonderful both years. Sponsored by several well established and young disc golf companies local businesses, including Tahoe Mountain Sports, competitors receive awesome player’s packs loaded with gear, attire, souvenirs, and snacks for the trail. This years pack had both a DGA disc, (I picked out the new Hellfire) and a dri-fit KOTL shirt which I was ecstatic about! Most tournaments I’ve played have one or the other, so this made it more memorable. I do love my swag. I take home with me these tokens of my experience and wear my shirt with pride. I’ve been asked about it several times and this gives me the opportunity to tell people all about the King of the Lake Tournament in Tahoe!

As for the disc golf portion of the event, King of the Lake really has everything a player could want in a tournament. In addition to the stacked players field, the courses each offered its own set of challenges and features to make this event truly memorable. We started our first day at Bijou Park for the first round and then headed over to Zephyr Cove for round 2. Bijou Park is one of my personal favorite courses to play. With 27 holes there are so many different kinds of shots to take and with it being relatively flat, you are not exhausted after a round there. Bijou has plenty of trees to navigate, and some nice hard ground for your skip game, but you better be careful of the stumps that might just stop you short. Bijou is perfect for your first round, because when you get to Zephyr Cove, you’re going to be hiking up some steep hills and you’ll want that energy to see you through. The challenges at Zephry Cove include more elevation changes than Bijou, which faces you with some strategic decision making when it comes to your game. A player will always feel accomplished after a round of 18 at Zephyr Cove, and those hikes are really worth the effort because when you get to Hole 9 up top, you are treated to one of the most breathtaking views of Lake Tahoe. Zephyr Cove is truly a gem and not only a local favorite, but famous among disc golfers from all over the world.


Is it the socks? Amanda always is on target!

The second day this year and last year were held at the Truckee Courses; Sierra College and Truckee River Regional Park. This would be a day opposite from the first day where the more difficult and challenging course that is Sierra College comes first, and then we finish round two at Truckee Regional, AKA Truckee River, on account it runs right along the banks of the Truckee River. Sierra College offers those changes in elevation which requires some adjustment in a player’s game and also has plenty of trees to throw around. This course has a couple par 4 holes and some ups and downs. Sierra College is definitely a hike, but also has some incredible views of Truckee once you get to the top of Hole 5 and Hole 12. After a round at Sierra College, Truckee Regional feels like a nice walk along the river. Challenging and fun, this course has plenty of birdie opportunities and some really fun shots. Truckee tends to get a bit breezy, so players will now have to play their best wind game.

On the last day we finish up the tournament at another of my favorite Tahoe courses, Lake of the Sky (in Tahoe Vista, CA). This course has everything. Long holes, short, holes, wide open and tight, technical lines, elevation changes,a little hike here and there, and of course, a fantastic view of Lake Tahoe. I really have a lot of fun at this course.

The stellar design at all five King of the Lake courses along with the wonderful and dedicated disc golf community make King of the Lake a memorable and unrivaled tournament!

The Innova Boss – distance world record set

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

We now have a world record holder in our midst here in the shop: the Blizzard Champion model of the Innova Boss, which David Wiggins Jr. launched 255 meters (836 feet) on April 13th in Primm, Nevada.

David’s throw (with a 134g Innova Boss) beat the near-decade-long title held by Christian Sandstrom, who set an 820-foot record on April 26, 2002 with an Innova DX Valkyrie.

You can watch David (only 16 years old!) in action as he breaks this record below. The winning throw comes just after 2 minutes in.

There’s obviously a lot of technique involved, but we bet his new disc helped David out too. This year, Innova released a new Blizzard technology incorporating thousands of microbubbles into its durable Champion plastic. The company considers this a huge milestone, and this new record proves the capability of this technology. The microbubbles allow for high-speed, premium plastic drivers in weights down to 130 grams. Innova’s testing even shows that their models under 140 grams will float… nice for those of us who play near water.

Here’s what David Wiggins Jr. says about the Blizzard technology:

“I love the new Blizzard technology discs! I recently went to New Mexico and thoroughly tested them side by side with other discs at various elevations and wind speeds. The new Blizzard discs came out on top. . . .
From what I’ve observed, the Blizzard discs fly with almost the same stability as the equivalent model 20 grams heavier. They feel and throw like heavier discs than they actually are. This allows for much longer throws, especially in the right conditions. I’ve tested the new Blizzard discs in weights ranging from 130g to 155g and can honestly say that these are going to add distance to many disc golfers’ games. From the average player to the experienced pro, everyone can benefit from Blizzard Champion Discs.”

And a few more pros chimed in on the Innova Boss specifically, on the Innova website:

Dave Feldberg

“The Boss is my favorite disc for distance shots. It gives me the distance and control to perform my best in tournament play. It has elevated my distance game. It works great for skip shots, low shots, high shots and any kind of disc golf shot you throw. Try the Boss, it will get to the basket first!”

Gregg Hosfeld

“I’ve come within a few feet of my all-time personal best in distance throwing the Champion Boss…against the wind.”

Try out the Innova Boss and the other lineup of Blizzard Champion discs for yourself; we’ve got them in stock and ready to ship!


Disc Golf How-To

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

Disc golf is a fun sport no matter your level. It’s like a walk in the woods, with a little competition thrown in. Courses are popping up all over the place: school campuses, city and town parks, backyards (like the homegrown Old County Links pictured above), and even ski resorts (Tahoe’s Kirkwood and Squaw Valley both have summer courses).

We’ve compiled this disc golf how-to for all you novices out there looking for information on the sport. I had a couple seasoned players take me (a beginner, playing only twice before) out for a 9-hole session, and then called upon Tahoe’s veteran ace Kevin McDermott to sprinkle in some of his wisdom. Read on to learn all about disc golf and tips for play.


Play is simple, and similar to golf. Just follow the course’s numbered holes. Initiate your first throw from the starting pad, then wherever your disc lays is where you play from next. Each hole has a par (typically anywhere from 2 to 5), and so the lower you score the better. Some people add a little money in the mix, betting $1 per hole, with each hole’s winning player taking the cash.

To find a course near you, check out the PDGA Disc Golf Course Directory.


There are so many disc golf discs to choose from, it can be daunting at first. When I played last week with my friends, I borrowed what they considered to be the essentials: a driver for maximum distance, a mid-range disc, and a putter to use at 30 to 40 feet from the hole—though I do have some disc-throwing skills from playing ultimate frisbee. If you are completely new to disc sports, you can pare that down.

“To start one multi-use disc will do,” says Kevin McDermott. “You will then graduate to a driver & putter. Eventually you will discover the plethora of choices available and what each disc can do.”

And that’s it. You don’t need anything else but your disc, which is a great bonus to this sport. Wearing a good pair of shoes (versus flip flops) is a smart idea though.

The 3 discs I used at Old County: driver in blue, mid-range front left, and putter front right


“For the beginner I recommend getting out there as much as possible,” McDermott recommends. “Try many different types of throws including the back hand, forearm (flick), tomahawk, etc. to see what works best. Grip the disc tightly. Keep the throws low and parallel to the ground. Have fun.”

I had a little trouble with my driver disc at first. What worked for me was to think about keeping my arm straight (not bent like in an ultimate frisbee throw) and level with the ground. You really throw with your whole body in disc golf, almost arcing it out of your hand.

And a HUGE tip is to WATCH WHERE YOUR DISC LANDS. Pick out a landmark, follow your disc to the ground; otherwise you’ll spend your time searching for your disc in the woods versus playing.

As with any sport, the more you play, the easier the throws become. They might seem impossible at first, but don’t give up. “The best way to learn is by spending time playing,” advises McDermott. “Follow the advice of more seasoned players is also very helpful. Practice time putting, driving, and mid range shots will make you a better player as well.”

Hmmm, where is my disc going? Learning how your disc flies in the air is key. Some hang right, others left, and others fly straight.


Take it from McDermott: “Disc golf is an awesome sport as it can be played by nearly everyone; I have played with my 6-year-old neighbor as well as my 86-year-old grandmother. It uses the natural environment in a nearly undisturbed way and promotes dispersed recreation. It has all of the challenge of regular golf without the expense of pricey green fees – collared shirts – clubs – etc. It is a great way to experience nature with friends, and my dogs love it.”

Can’t beat that… if it makes the dog happy! And the kids. When I played last week, we took my friend’s two-year-old along and she had fun helping us carry our discs.

“Anyone who gives disc golf a shot will find that they will want to stick with it because it is so much fun, and as we all believe we can do better,” McDermott adds. “It is the kind of sport where you compete against yourself and the course more than against others. Competing in disc golf tournaments is also great fun.”

Now get out there and play! If you have any disc golf how-to tips to share, post them in our comments.

If you keep at it, you just might be good enough to keep up with these guys (as photographed by TMS web editor Greyson Howard at the 5th annual TMS Pro/Am Disc Golf Tournament).

Tahoe Mountain Sports 5th Annual Pro/Am Disc Golf Tournament a Huge Success!

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

The Tahoe Mountain Sports 5th Annual Pro/Am Disc Golf Tournament was a huge success October 8 and 9, selling out to the full 90 player capacity for the first time in five years!

The tournament, a PDGA Sanctioned “B” Pro/Am event brought high-caliber disc golfers from nine states across the country to the Tahoe Vista course.


King of the Lake Disc Golf Tournament at Lake Tahoe

Saturday, July 16th, 2011

The King of the Lake PDGA National Tour Elite Series comes to Lake Tahoe this weekend, pitting top disc golfers from around the country against four disc golf courses from Tahoe Vista to Markleeville.

Driving towards Lake Tahoe.


Tournament Recap and Bigfoot Sighting

Monday, October 11th, 2010

In case you missed it, our 4th Annual Pro/Am Disc Golf Tournament was a success! The weather was gorgeous, and the competition high. Round 1 saw two hole in ones: “The Todd” Avcollie on hole 17 and Mike Bachman on hole 13.

Here are the top winners in each division:

OPEN PRO: 1 Greg Breazeale, 2 Nick Long, 3 David Madruga

MASTER PRO: 1 Scott Miller, 2 (tie) Glen Whitlock/Paul Sanchez

ADVANCED: 1 Joe Akhavan, 2 Josh Evans, 3 Jesse Hast

ADVANCED MASTERS: 1 John Brokaw, 2 Tullin Valdez

ADVANCED WOMEN: 1 Leah Feltenstein

INTERMEDIATE AM: 1 Scott Poynor, 2 Todd Avcollie, 3 Skot Meyer

BOYS JR: 1 Noah McDermott

Bigfoot, the Leave No Trace mascot, even showed up to play, or rather hunt down any stray discs to keep the forest clean. Here he is with the Tahoe Vista course founders, Kevin McDermott and Craig Getty.

We at Tahoe Mountain Sports got pretty chummy with the furry guy, so stay tuned for more Bigfoot news this week!

Our Lake Tahoe Disc Golf Tournament is Approaching!

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

We are getting pumped for the Tahoe Mountain Sports 4th Annual Pro/Am Disc Golf Tournament next weekend, October 9 and 10!

We’ve got sponsors dialed in, preregistration in full swing, player t-shirts being printed and free lunch and beer ready to tap. Weather is still amazing here, with record high temps for this time of year, so we hope you’re planning to join us for some friendly competition. Our Pro winners will receive cash, and amateur division winners will see prizes like Vibram discs, NutSac Disc Golf Bags, Keen brand shoes and gift certificates to use at our Kings Beach shop and on

While you’re in town, be sure to take a tour de Tahoe disc golf. Here’s a peek at Lake Tahoe disc golf courses, and what to expect at each:

North Tahoe Regional Park: The home to our annual Pro/Am Disc Golf Tournament, this 18-hole track features killer lake views and heavily wooded holes that require accuracy. It’s right by our shop, to boot, in case you need to re-up on some disc golf gear.

Squaw Valley USA: This newcomer to Lake Tahoe disc golf opened its mountain-top, granite-heavy course this summer, and boasts a unique signature hole that takes you 1,080 feet downhill to a par 4, “island in the sky” basket. Summer-only operations to make way for Squaw’s stellar winter skiing, so call before you head out.


Disc Golf Season is Here

Sunday, June 21st, 2009

Although we haven’t gotten a lot of good beach weather yet this summer, the local disc golf courses are in great condition and playing well. Over the last couple weeks I’ve played Truckee, Tahoe Vista, and Bijou in South Lake. Tahoe Vista is definitely the most challenging course, its plays long, has a bunch of uphill putt and approach shots, and has a lot of underbrush to lose discs in. Truckee is a little more open, but still has some challenging shots and plenty of underbrush. This past week was my first time playing Bijou and I was very impressed. Its a bit of a drive for those of us on the north shore but is very conveniently located for anyone in South Lake Tahoe. It has a full 27 holes, and much less elevation change and underbrush than either Tahoe Vista or Truckee. The first nine holes are relatively short and open, perfect for beginners. The course gradually gets longer and more challenging as it goes along, with the last nine holes being the most challenging and the most scenic. After playing Tahoe Vista, the lack of underbrush was a nice change, it makes errant shots much easier to find which is a huge bonus for a player like me. As far as gear goes, I’m loving the Innova Beast Champion Driver and Coyote Midrange. For a stylish way to carry your discs on the course, look for TMS staff carrying the new Double NutSac disc bag out on the course!

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