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5 Under $50: Eat Thanksgiving Outside

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and we expect you’re already making plans… what you’re making, where you’ll be eating, who you’ll be eating with, and so on. Why not shake things up this year by cooking and eating entirely outside? With deep-fried turkey so popular these days, the star of the show is easy to make outside. Here are our five picks, all under $50, to get you started.

1) Thermarest Travel Cushion $29.95 Fall isn’t the friendliest time for outdoor seating (snow, mud, cold park benches), so prepare for a long time at the outdoor table by bringing along this camp cushion.

2) Platypus Platypreserve $12.95 Bring your wine deep into the woods with this collapsible Platypus wine preserver that’s air tight to keep wine good for weeks.

3) Snow Peak Spork $9.95 One of our most popular camp products, the Snow Peak titanium spork combines two strong utensils in one, and you’ll never lose it with three bright colors to choose from.

4) Snow Peak GigaPower Torch $39.95 Ignite anything with ease with this portable butane torch. Use it to set cooking fires fast, then to top off your camp creme brulee for dessert!

5) Snow Peak 3 Piece Cookware Set $49.95 This titanium camp cookware set is ultralight, with folding handles for packability. A must-have for any gourmet camp kitchen.

Shop our Camp Kitchen selection for more ideas, and watch the video below for some inspiration from the BBQ Pit Boys on deep frying your turkey. And remember, always wear your camo and/or denim when deep frying a turkey, and don’t forget the excessive manly handshakes and cackles (see at 1:33 in the video).

When done, your turkey should look like this (photo by Mot the barber/flickr):

And if all else fails, hit up your stash of Backpacker’s Pantry.

5 Under $50: Ladies Picks

Monday, October 24th, 2011

With Ladies Night fast approaching (this Wednesday, October 26th), I’ve picked a few items from the shop to whet your appetite for our big, one-night sale for women. Note that all prices listed below are non-sale prices, so you’ll pay a lot less if you shop with us at the store on Wednesday night.

Be there from 5 to 8pm for killer deals (up to 60% off), wine and cheese, and freebies from Lole, the North Face and Wigwam, including these stylin’ Wigwam knee-highs for every purchase over $100.

1) Outdoor Research BackStop Gloves $34.95

Pair these technical glove liners with ski gloves for extra warmth, or wear them alone on trail runs. They’re soft and wicking so they’re quick to dry. Plus, they’ve got GORE Windstopper on the back of the hand to protect skin from the harsh winter elements.

2) Haiku Escape Bag $41.95

Haiku by Sharon Eisenhauer bags are poetic creations of style and utility. Each bag’s pattern is slightly different, having been made from recycled fabrics. This model makes a great travel purse, fitting all your essentials plus a notepad or book.

3) Prana Tattoo Long Sleeve Tee $39.95

Flaunt a tattoo this winter! This Prana longsleeve has a little edge thanks to its water-based henna tattoo design that runs from the front to the upper sleeves. And because it’s made by Prana, you can count on it lasting a lifetime.

4) The North Face Shadow Fox Cord Skirt $44.95

I’m not sure what a shadow fox is, but it must look good if it inspired this North Face skirt. Corduroy stretch material keeps it casual, yet the pencil fit can take you from dancing on the weekends to work meetings on weekdays.

5) SmartWool Jovian Stripe Socks $18.95

Once you go wool, you’ll never go back. This pair from SmartWool is one of my favorites to add a splash of color to my wardrobe.

5 Under $50 is a monthly Tahoe Mountain Sports blog series dedicated to showcasing some of our more affordable products. Each month we pick a theme, then show you the gear.

5 Under $50: Summer Hats

Monday, August 15th, 2011

Hats are the perfect accessories for summer. Whether you don a beach hat, cowboy hat, fedora, or trucker cap, you’re shading your eyes, keeping your hair out of your face and protecting your scalp from sunburn. Here are a few affordable hats at our shop, but browse our full selection of men’s summer hats and women’s summer hats for more.


This colorful fedora comes in a pinkish cognac or tan (pictured above) with a beachy ribbon. Such a nice twist on the standard fedora. I like this one so much I own one in cognac!


You can’t go wrong with a classic mesh-backed trucker hat. This one keeps you cool and shaded, plus it looks great on both men and women.


This woven raffia hat is a Western take on a beach hat. Wear it out on the sand, then don it to a hoe-down. The chin string makes this cowboy hat great for bike riding and indoor/outdoor events so you can wear it on your back when you’re inside.


A cowboy hat for the active at heart, this Dorfman style is shapeable with an elastic sweatband to wick moisture. This is your classic cowboy hat without the bulk and weight.

5) KAVU CHILLBA $34.95

This modern rice paddy hat is a store favorite, and great for river floaters and Burning Man attendees. It’s hard to beat the shade this hat provides, plus its closed-cell foam construction is lightweight and won’t sink if you drop it in the water.

5 Under $50 is a monthly Tahoe Mountain Sports blog series dedicated to showcasing some of our more affordable products. Each month we pick a theme, then show you the gear.

5 Under $50: July 4th Deals

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

America’s favorite holiday is just around the corner! We’ve rounded up these July 4th deals to help you have a fun and safe holiday, all for under $50 each.

1) North Face hoodie $39.95

The July 4th magic happens after dark… don’t get caught out in the cold watching fireworks. Grab this classic hooded pullover to stash on your boat or in your beach bag.

2) Light-up bouncy balls $11.95

Due to high fire danger in Tahoe’s dry climate, setting off your own fireworks is illegal. These light-up bouncy balls are a fun stand-in. Great for kids, dogs and even adults, these tennis ball–sized globes float, are water resistant and have replaceable batteries.

3) Mammut Burny Safety Lamp $14.95

Another Fourth of July essential, this safety light clips to any pack strap, hat band or handlebar to get you home safely. Two ultra-bright white LEDs lead your way, and one red light can be used when you want to keep your night vision or to use as a bike taillight.

4) Bamboo Bottle $24.95

Nothing beats drinking out of a glass. Whether you’ve got a cocktail, beer, coffee or water to bring along, this BPA-free container can host hot or cold liquid, and is great to keep your beverage of choice concealed and protected. The bamboo outer layer protects the glass from shattering, and looks classy too!

5) Beach mat and bag $14.95

This sea-grass mat folds out to 24 by 70 inches (pillow included) for a comfy seat or nap on the beach, then folds up into a 14-by-9-inch tote bag for the ultimate portability.

5 Under $50 is a monthly Tahoe Mountain Sports blog series dedicated to showcasing some of our more affordable products. Each month we pick a theme, then show you the gear. Happy Fourth of July everyone!

5 Under $50: Ladies’ Night at TMS

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

This one’s for the ladies… oh yes, we are hosting a wine/cheese/gear extravaganza for our most beautiful customers next week, so I thought I’d highlight some of our favorite products, all under $50, and all for women. If you’re in Tahoe next Thursday, you don’t want to miss this special night at our downtown Kings Beach shop. Here are the details, and you can read more on the Ladies’ Night Facebook event page:

TMS Ladies’ Night | Thursday June 9, 5 to 8pm

20% off all summer apparel and footwear
40% off all out-of-season apparel
10% off backpacks and gear

Plus, complimentary wine from Uncorked and cheese from Westminster Cheddar!

1) Pistil Dara Cap $25.95

Lightweight, packable and water ready (it floats), this cap is perfect for hiking, running, kayaking or triathlons, or for just keeping your face shaded and your scalp from burning on the beach.

2) Carve Designs Bondi Reversible Bikini Top $47.95

Two bikini tops in one! This halter bikini top features two patterns, one on each side of the UPF 50 fabric. Great for indecisive gals, like me!

3) ChicoBag Sling rePETe $14.95

Reusable bags are all the rage; make sure yours not only looks great but functions well. I love the Chico Sling because you can wear it over your shoulder like a messenger bag, which is great for bringing home groceries on the bike. The rePETe in its title means it’s made of 99 percent recycled content, with the bag fabric being 100 percent recycled PET, polyethylene terephthalate, the main material used in plastic drinking bottle production.

4) Patagonia Lithia Skirt $44.95

Another two-in-one, this flirty skirt doubles as a top. Add to that awesomeness the fact that it’s made from Tencel lyocell fibers, which are derived from the pulp of sustainably farmed eucalyptus trees, and this top/skirt is one of the greatest buys around.

5) Suncloud Sunglasses $49.95

We love Suncloud sunglasses — they keep it simple and stylish. Polarized and costing just $49,95 a pair (or less when they’re on sale), these shades are a stylish steal. I own a few pairs myself!

5 Under $50 is a monthly Tahoe Mountain Sports blog series dedicated to showcasing some of our more affordable products. Each month we pick a theme, then show you the gear.

5 Under $50: Amgen Tour of California

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

Lake Tahoe is in for some serious cycling action May 15 and 16th when the Amgen Tour of California starts its 2011 race around the lake. We’ve compiled these affordable finds to help you get in gear for the day. With the race route blocked off, we’ll be riding our bikes to get around and these accessories will help us do so safely and in style:

1) Planet Bike Beamer 1 Light Set – Front and Rear $24.95 (sale price)

The race kicks off on Sunday May 15 at 10:30 am in South Lake Tahoe, then loops clockwise around the lake 1.5 times, finishing at Northstart-at-Tahoe just after 3 pm. Though all this action will happen well after and before dark, we suggest outfitting your bike with these safety lights. Keep the rear red blink light on all day for safety, then turn on the front Beamer 1 to get home from the after parties.

2) Summit Bugle Bulb Bike Horn $8.95

The World Cup had the vuvuzela; Amgen Tour of California has bike bells and horns like this classic model. Honk with the loudest of fans with this monster on your handle bars!

3) Basil Jasmin Kid’s Farm Bike Basket $22.46 (sale price)

Kids won’t want to miss out on the fun, and this sturdy metal basket will keep all their essentials and swag from all the street vendors at hand.

4) Soma Morning Rush Coffee Mug and Bike Holder $39.95

This pure genius invention keeps your coffee handy for morning commutes. Race fans will be lining up early for the best course-side spots, so the Soma Morning Rush is the best bike accessory for those who need their morning java. Sunday’s start time is 10:30 am in South Lake Tahoe; Monday’s Stage 2 to Sacramento kicks off at Squaw Valley USA at 10:15 am.

5) Nite Ize Spokelites $7.49

At each stage’s finish line is a cycling-themed party like no other: health and fitness expo, cycling gear, family fun, food, entertainment and much more. We plan to stand out from the crowd (and get home safely) with these spoke lights from Nite Ize. Trick out your spokes in red, green, blue, disco or amber.

Stay tuned for more Amgen Tour of California details and fun. Our Kings Beach shop is course-side so we’ll definitely have a race-watching party and sale. We also just caught wind of a cool Bike Swap hosted by Biking for a Better World on Saturday May 14. More info to come!

5 Under $50 is a monthly Tahoe Mountain Sports blog series dedicated to showcasing some of our more affordable products. Each month we pick a theme, then show you the gear.

5 Under $50: Shane McConkey Style

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

This March 26th, Tahoe Mountain Sports’ own Kevin O’Hara will vie for the Golden Saucer at the Pain McSlonkey Classic, where he’ll flaunt his freestyle skills in the Extreme Snowlerblading Small Mountain Invitational, then look to crush the competition in the Snowlerblade Chinese Downhill. This is a contest of epic proportions, so we had to dedicate this month’s 5 Under $50 blog post to outfitting Kevin for the task at hand. We thought, WWSW, What Would Shane Wear, and came up with a few ideas, all under $50 of course:

1) ContourHD Mount $19.95

With the Who’s Who of Squaw Valley competing, nare a helmet will go without a camera. Everyone will be sure to capture that POV footage to dole out to sponsors and impress the world with the epicness that is snowlerblading. Though you can’t get the actual Contour helmet camera for under $50, you can buy a tricked-out rotating mount to best catch the action at any angle for just under $12.

2) Dakine Quick Tune $39.95, now on sale for $29.95

Going up against the likes of Daron Rahlves, JT Holmes, Jeremy Jones and the Gaffney brothers, Kevin needs his blades to be lightning fast. While other competitors have talked of using bacon grease and old race horses to concoct magic wax potions, we suggest that Kevin sticks with the standard tune to get his snowlerblades and saucer in top shape.

3) Dakine Tall Boy Hat $19.95

Nothing says Squaw Valley steez like a slouchy beanie. We’re thinking if Kevin throws one of these over his tousled hair, and grabs a tall boy to drink outside the Chammy, that maybe just maybe Debbie Dutton will let him buy her lunch.

4) Suncloud Standby Sunglasses $49.95

These sunglasses don’t just look good. They’re glare-fighting polarized machines. Kevin surely can’t let anything get in his way of the Golden Saucer, especially not any pesky late March sun.

5) Chinese Downhill Hat $34.95

Who needs the safety of a helmet when you can have the aerodynamic properties of a rice paddy hat? Kevin’s going to look ultra authentic in this as he crosses the finish line first on Saturday!

5 Under $50 is a monthly Tahoe Mountain Sports blog series dedicated to showcasing some of our more affordable products. Each month we pick a theme, then show you the gear.

5 Under $50: Ski Gear Guide

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

Let’s face it, ski and snowboard gear is not cheap. But in our monthly quest to show you affordable options in our 5 Under $50 posts, we’ve uncovered some killer deals on snow gear.

1) Black Diamond Midweight Gloves $24.95

These aren’t your average, puny glove liners. With goat leather palms, strong Kevlar stitching and a 4-way stretch fabric, you won’t sacrifice dexterity, warmth or durability when wearing these midweight gloves.

2) Black Diamond Transfer 7 Shovel $49.95

This extendable, ultralight snow shovel is one of the best backcountry shovels on the market, and what a great price! Packable, with an ergonomic handle, this backcountry shovel is a marvel in design.

3) Dakine Home Grown Soy Push-Up Wax $12.95

This rub-on wax is perfect for a quick fix on the slopes when sticky snow slows your roll. It’s so small that you can keep it in your pocket, and it’s soy-based so you don’t have to breathe in any harmful fumes.

4) Backcountry Skiing California’s Eastern Sierra $29.00

This must-have Eastern Sierra skiing guide flies off our shelves each winter, helping backcountry skiers navigate some 166 descents between Tioga Pass and Bishop Creek. And if you’re more of a resort-hound, don’t miss Squallywood, the famous guide to Squaw Valley, now on sale, at 40 percent off, for just $14.95.

5) Smith Cascade Goggles $34.95

With Smith’s top-of-the-line goggles hitting $165, the Smith Cascade is a steal considering it has many of the same quality features, like a thermal lens, Airflow lens technology and the proprietary Fox-X lens treatment.

5 Under $50 is a monthly Tahoe Mountain Sports blog series dedicated to showcasing some of our more affordable products. Each month we pick a theme, then show you the gear. Suggest a topic in our comments if you need some shopping help.

5 Under $50: Holiday Gift Ideas for Women

Monday, December 13th, 2010

Don’t know what to get the lovely lady in your life this holiday? You’re in luck because Tahoe Mountain Sports’ buyer, Pam, has penned this Holiday Gift Ideas for Women guide using her trained eye in what women want, delivering you inexpensive gift ideas that are all under $50. Read on, buy, wrap and get ready to impress.

1. Outdoor Research Pinball Hat $33.95

The Outdoor Research Pinball Hat looks great on every head! This soft cable knit hat has a WINDSTOPPER ear band to keep the girl on your list toasty warm and a pom pom on top so she looks cute playing in the snow.

2. SmartWool Ultra Comfy Sock Trio $49.95

This gift pack of 3 SmartWool socks is guaranteed to be a hit. The luxurious merino socks are all natural and moisture wicking plus they come in beautiful colors and patterns, all in a smart box that makes giving extra easy.

3. Kavu Keeper $29.95

Brighten up your holiday with Kavu Purses under the tree. The Kavu Keeper is one of our bestselling bags, made of durable cotton canvas with 4 organizer pockets and an adjustable strap. These fun bags come in lots of bright, bold patterns. You’ll like it so much you’ll wish you had ordered one for yourself!

4. Lole Alexis Belt $34.95

A classic black leather belt from Lole makes a great stocking stuffer or is perfect for the office gift exchange. The Lole Alexis Belt is 100-percent leather with contrast stitching and a stylish silver buckle. This is sure to please even the pickiest girl on your list.

5. Black Diamond Moxie Headlamp $29.95

Give the gift of light with a headlamp! This great gift is also super practical. From camping to emergency roadside repairs, every gal needs a headlamp. We recommend the Black Diamond Moxie, loaded with features like 3 brightness settings and an adjustable head. Plus it comes in fun, feminine graphics at a price that fits your budget.

5 Under $50 is a monthly Tahoe Mountain Sports blog series dedicated to showcasing some of our more affordable products. Each month we pick a theme, then show you the gear. Suggest a topic in our comments if you need some shopping help, and check out more inexpensive holiday gift ideas for women in our Gift Ideas section.

5 Under $50: Gadgets and Gifts for Men

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

If you’re anything like me, you’re in dire need of gifts for men who have everything. These practical, functional, inexpensive gifts for men are sure to jumpstart your holiday shopping for any guy on your list.

1.  Joby Gorillapod Camera Tripod $24.95

This flexible camera tripod is the perfect gift for outdoor photographers as it grips and clings to just about anything, including tree branches and tent poles, and can adjust to uneven surfaces. The aspiring photographer in your life will love this portable, functional gift! If your guy’s not a man of the lens, treat him to one of our many other electronics, like helmet cameras, headlamps or avalanche beacons.

2. Loki Fleece 3 in 1 Hat $24.95

Not sure what he needs to stay warm? Get him 3 accessories in one with this shape-changer. Since he can wear it as a neck gaiter, face mask or hat, it’s perfect for a day on the slopes or simply staying warm at the stadium. If he’s more into high endurance winter sports or backcountry pursuits, try the Outdoor Research Radiant Hybrid Beanie.

3. Terramar 1/4 Zip Geo Fleece Top $49.95

Forget that dress shirt… give him a shirt he’ll have fun in! This performance mens base layer can take him from camp to summit as its the warmest base layer in the popular Terramar Body Sensors line, yet quick to dry with innovative wicking via electrostatic evaporation.

4.  Dakine Blockade Gloves $39.95

These lightweight, windproof gloves are nimble so he can work, ski and play without sacrificing dexterity. These make great spring skiing gloves or an extra pair for keeping in the car. If he needs a beefier option, check out our full line of men’s gloves and mittens.

5.  Patagonia Capeline 1 Boxer Briefs $28.95 (currently on sale for $26.05)

These ultimate moisture wicking boxer briefs make great stocking stuffers, and will keep him cool and dry no matter the season. And if you want to make him just as happy on the outside, outfit him with more Patagonia! See our full Patagonia Men’s Clothing selection for more gifts for men.

5 Under $50 is a monthly Tahoe Mountain Sports blog series dedicated to showcasing some of our more affordable products. Each month we pick a theme, then show you the gear. Suggest a topic in our comments if you need some shopping help, and check out more inexpensive gifts for men in our Gift Ideas section.

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