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A First Attempt on Shasta, via Casaval Ridge

#TMS Ambassador Chris Cloyd recounts a great day of mountaineering and snowboarding on Mount Shasta. Get inspired and get out there!

Redemption Song: Old Man, Take Two

TMS Ambassador Chris Cloyd and friend Steven Benesi set out to redeem themselves on a summit attempt on Old Man Mountain. What ensued on...

Getting Put in Your Place by Old Man Mountain

"Smarts” (as far as this writer is concerned) can be learned in a classroom or a library, and are observed fairly easily. Wisdom, in my...

Blitzkrieg: An Assault on 4 High Sierra Peaks in One Day

Chris and friends ran, climbed and reached the summit of Mt. Carrillon, Mt. Russell, Mt. Whitney, and Mt. Muir all in one day!


Overnight Trail Running Lake Tahoe – Across Desolation Wilderness

Chris ran 30 miles in to Desolation Wilderness, bagged two of the area's highest peaks, pitched a hammock at Lake Aloha, and ran 20 miles...


Overnight Trail Running Lake Tahoe – Philosophy and Preparation

Chris hasn't always been a distance's painful and monotonous. But in recent years he's gained the skills to be self-dependent...