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The Tahoe Mountain Sports Ambassador Program – Athletes Wanted

Thursday, May 8th, 2014

As most of you already know, Tahoe Mountain Sports is the place to outfit yourself for adventures in North Lake Tahoe and beyond. Sure, we ship lots of gear to outdoor enthusiasts worldwide, but our hearts are here in the Lake Tahoe Basin and the Eastern Sierra. So, we got to thinking: How do we spread our love for mountain sports throughout the region? What are the best ways to channel our passion for our favorite pastimes and share them with others? Then, it hit us like a sack of bricks to the face. People talk about their interests and obsessions, and they rely on other peoples’ opinions when researching new ideas, activities and equipment. No matter how much someone loves your business, they’re going to listen to your customers before they take your word for…well, just about anything. People talk to people, and personal relationships rule above all.

We’re all consumers in one way or another, and we read reviews and second-guess critics. Social media is in front us all, no matter how much we try to avoid it. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, or the next platform coming down the pipes to consume our “free time”, conversations via the world wide web are a dominating force for the 21st century.

This is why we are launching the TMS Ambassador Program. We are looking for Ambassadors who have the ability and desire to share their love for sports and the outdoors through photographs and gear reviews on a regular basis. Ambassadors of Tahoe Mountain Sports will inspire others to get outdoors and enjoy life! In exchange, TMS Ambassadors will receive product for field testing; sometimes to keep, sometimes just to test. They’ll enjoy benefits like discounts on the best outdoor gear, 40% off apparel and 30% off hard goods (some restrictions apply). Imagine the expanded network of friends you’ll gain with access to the newest equipment and trends, plus the potential to attend trade shows in the outdoor industry!
What do we expect of our TMS Ambassadors?

- One blog post on or three product reviews per month for our online gear store. Guidelines for writing blog posts and/or product reviews will be provided. New, creative ideas are also welcome.

- Two social media posts for Tahoe Mountain Sports per month. Typical format for each post would be an image with some text (including hashtags and any links). The images and text should portray the Ambassador in nature, enjoying their favorite sport(s).

- Tag @tahoemountainsports in five Facebook posts, Instagram photos or tweets per month.

- Attend at least one (1) TMS-sponsored event per year.  Events include group trail runs, demo days, Ladies Nights, adventure slide shows, informational talks and more.

- Potential to provide input on product selection for the Tahoe Mountain Sports store and e-commerce site.


And now, we introducing the TMS Ambassadors we’re already excited to have on-board:


Sara B Carbonarisara-carbonari-tahoe-mountain-sports-ambassador

What core sports do you participate in?
Skiing in a bikini
Mountain Biking
Hiking (when I can’t ski or ride my bike)
Paddleboarding (when I can borrow one)
Yoga poses in odd places

What is your most epic outdoor adventure to date? 
Most recent was my ski down Mt. Lassen two weeks ago. Most epic is a hard one to choose. Quite possibly hiking on the Franz Joseph and Fox Glaciers in New Zealand.

Who inspires you?
My bad-ass women friends inspire me.

What motto do you live by?
Live everyday like it could be your last.

If you were stranded on a desert island, what five items would you want?
Water purifier and water bottle, flint and tinder for a fire, a very sharp machete.

What community organizations are you involved with?
Tahoe Nordic Search and Rescue board member and A-team searcher/snowcat driver.

Chris Cloydchris-cloyd-tahoe-mountain-sports-ambassador

What core sports do you participate in?
Running, Cycling, Triathlon. Snowboarding and mountaineering in the winter. 

What is your most epic outdoor adventure to date?
Any number of backcountry snowboarding/mountaineering trips that have pushed my psychological boundaries. A ridiculous approach/climb to a line in Verbier, Switzerland last winter comes to mind. Wild.

What community organizations are you involved with?
Performance Training Center by Julia Mancuso (Manager, Trainer), The High Fives Foundation (Trainer), The Donner Party Mountain Runners (Board Member), BigTruck Brand (Ambassador Athlete), (Big Blue Adventure (Ambassador Athlete)

Why do you want to be a Tahoe Mountain Sports Ambassador?
I want to represent a shop and brand that I respect, introduce newcomers to the outdoors, develop a community enthusiasm for group activities outdoors, and give some small amount of gratitude back to the community here that has given me so much. I want to shed light on the great things that our Lake Tahoe Basin offers in my own way – articles, photographs and community events. I want to share this place.


Coral Rose Taylorcoral-taylor-tms-ambassador

What core sports do you participate in?
Mountain biking, road biking, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, yoga (just completed a 200‐hr teacher training), hiking and camping.

What is your most epic outdoor adventure to date?
I took a snowboarding trip this spring to the Swiss and French Alps with my boyfriend and a few friends. I pushed my boundaries, progressed my riding, enjoyed great company, met some new friends, and ate lots of cheese, pastries, and chocolate. It was a lot of fun, and absolutely stunning, but as with all travel, it made me realize how amazing my home is and how much I love it here.

What is your favorite type of workout?
I love anything that is exciting, engaging, gets me sweating and is with friends. I like to mix up time in the gym, yoga classes, and time outdoors (bikes and hikes in summer, snowboarding and cross-country skiing in the winter). It’s important for me to vary activities, which challenges my body, keeps my mind engaged, and allows me to spend time with different friends who have different interests. I also like trying new things, even if it means coming home with new bruises and scrapes.

Who inspires you?
I am inspired by people who have found, and are living their dharma, their life purpose. I am inspired by people that are not afraid to be themselves and to follow their own path. One thing I love about the Truckee/Tahoe area is that it is a community of choice – a lot of people are here because they choose to be, and have made decisions, sometimes sacrifices, to have the quality of life that is important to them, so that they can live their life to the fullest.


Want to be a TMS Ambassador? Complete and submit the following questionnaire. We will review it and contact you via email. >>  TMS Ambassador Questionnaire

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