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Gear Gift Guide: A Tahoe Ski Bum’s Holiday Wish List

December 11th, 2013 By   


Admit it: you’re either a ski bum at-heart, you acted like one before you got a ‘real job’, or you’re personally close to a ski bum. If you’re literally close to a ski bum, ask them what type of gifts they’d want for the holidays in the off-chance somebody bought them something both cool and useful. I’ll bet their response would stem from one or more of these factors: winter sports gear, warm winter clothes or tools/gadgets only an outdoor enthusiast could truly appreciate.

I actually did it. I asked three ski bums who work at Tahoe Mountain Sports what they would pick from the store if they could choose three items of separate values: <$25, <$75 and <$300. This gear gift guide is sure to align with the holiday wishes of a ski bum in your life:




Meaghen has a serious fashion sense and it’s obvious when you meet her. She’s always sporting a new style, even at work, and we knew we could count on her to present some quality women’s gift ideas.





Under $25- Darn Tough Edelweiss Over-the-Calf Cushion Ski Socks – Women’s

I really like the fit and feel of Darn Tough Socks, and they keep my feet nice and dry. I like the Edelweiss because it is nice and thick, so it keeps me really warm but isn’t bulky and doesn’t bunch up in my boot. I always need fresh socks and I LOVE DARN TOUGH!!!











Under $75- Mountain Hardwear Trekkin Flannel Long Sleeve Shirt – Women’s

I love to wear flannels all winter long. This one from Mountain Hardwear is soft and thick, it has a nice fit and could easily be worn for something active or casual. I love the color and the fact that it dries quickly and manages moisture so I can wear it as a base layer when I’m on the mountain.









Under $300- Ugg Australia Kensington 2 Sheepskin Boots – Women’s

This women’s UGG boot is so comfortable and warm! It has everything that I like about the UGG Classic Boot, but with a better outsole and waterproof material so it’s more functional here in Tahoe. I love having just a plain black boot that I can wear with everything, and this boot works perfectly!









Todd handles all things tech for Tahoe Mountain Sports, so we weren’t surprised when he asked for a couple solar powered products and one of the best beverage storage devices on the market.






Under $25 Luci Inflatable Solar Lantern

10 LED solar powered lantern that folds flat and inflates in just a few deep breaths. Only $15. Can’t beat that.









Under $75 – Snow Peak Kanpai 350ml Bottle

A double-wall steel combination thermos and beer koozie. The special cold beverage lid, when frozen, can keep a 12-ounce can frosty for six hours. This Snow Peak bottle also includes a hot lid for keeping soup and beverages hot, and a sipping lid for beverages on-the-go. It also comes as a Titanium Kanpai Bottle, but I’ll keep it to just one big-ticket item this year.









Under $300 – Goal Zero Nomad 13 Portable Solar Panel

I would have picked the Nomad 7 but we don’t have it in stock right now. I already have a pair of Goal ZeroGuide 10 battery packs, which have allowed me to completely quit using disposable AA and AAA batteries. A Nomad 13 solar panel will let me go even greener and charge my batteries off-the-grid.







Kevin’s a classic mountain-dude and thinks like the majority of male ski bums in Tahoe – he’s easy to please as long as he’s warm, dry and gets to shred. His holiday picks would go a long way for any guy who’d simply rather be in the mountains.





Under $25 - Arcade Hemingway Belt

This is a sick belt because of its durable elasticity and bombproof buckle that doesn’t dig in. Every rider’s gotta have a nice, light, trim belt to keep up those heavy snow pants when stepping into the white room; Arcade Belts are that saving grace.






Under $75 –  Black Diamond Spy Freeride Ski Gloves

This is a nice and lightweight, sleek glove. Not too puffy yet still good to 20-degrees Fahrenheit, which is plenty for a rider like me out here in sunny California.












Under $300 - Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer

Comin’ in at 7-oz, this thing weighs practically nothing and is also super packable, with the ability to be stuffed into the left pocket.  This is the perfect coat to toss in the pack and break out on those chilly nights in the mountains. Oh, and did I mention it’s a waterproof down jacket!?

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