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Save Big On Black Friday, Small Business Saturday & Cyber Monday

Monday, November 25th, 2013


We have the best Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday sales around, so don’t miss out! And if there was ever a time to shop local and support your favorite Ma & Pa, Brick n’ Click company it’s on Small Business Saturday. Get jaw-dropping deals on the best sports equipment and outdoor clothing for winter while prices are their lowest. Now is the time to shop for the holidays!

If you’re in the greater Tahoe area and you can make it to our store in Kings Beach, you can take advantage of 20-70% off almost everything in the store throughout the long weekend! If you can’t come see us in-person, no worries; you can still save big on outdoor sports gear and apparel.

Save on holiday shopping for big ticket items like warm winter jackets and pants, boots and avalanche safety gear, and creative and affordable stocking-stuffers like warm down booties and socks. We have a gift for everyone on your list! Plus, all the outdoor clothing and accessories you’ll need to stay warm and comfortable through winter.

Through Cyber Monday (December 2) we’re taking 25% off all Marmot Clothing and Icebreaker merino wool, plus 20% off Prana clothing and Deuter backpacks and accessories! Good luck finding deals on brands like these at any other time or place!
*Our sale on Icebreaker and Marmot already began. Prana and Deuter prices get slashed starting Thanksgiving Day.

Bonus: Any purchase of The North Face gear or clothing comes with a complimentary The North Face fleece-lined beanie!

From 6,229′ at Lake Tahoe, Tahoe Mountain Sports brings you the best in outdoor gear, footwear and specialty clothing from top brands such as The North Face, Deuter, Mountain Hardwear, Prana and Black Diamond. Let us gear you up for your next adventure: Come visit us 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., 7 days a week, at 8331 North Lake Boulevard in Kings Beach, or anytime at


Marmot Amphibian Glove
Marmot Amphibian Glove
MSRP: $39.95
Marmot Spire Jacket - Women's
Marmot Spire Jacket – Women’s
MSRP: $239.95

Winter 2012-2013 Skiing & Snowboarding Photo Recap

Friday, November 22nd, 2013

Since we’re anticipating snow and the winter hype is strong, I thought I’d share some cool shots from last season. Get stoked…unlike most other places on Earth, Tahoe sees sunshine up until just about the time it snows. Sure, our radical weather systems roll through a later than our neighbors in the PNW, but we also avoid those melancholy transitional periods. Here’s to living in Lake Tahoe!


Cool contrast in the Northstar terrain park. Unknown flyer.



Dave (TMS Owner) skis off the top of Mt. Shasta. Click the image to read about it.


Black Diamond Backcountry Ski & Safety Equipment Gear Review

Thursday, November 21st, 2013

­­­Brennan Lagasse is a writer, educator, photographer, athlete and ski guide living on the West Shore of Lake Tahoe, CA. Brennan has skied first descents all over the world, from the Arctic to Antarctic, including ski descents on all seven of the world’s continents. He co-guides a one of a kind helicopter assisted ski touring program in Alaska’s famed Chugach Mountains each winter, but is just as ­content to be backcountry skiing and adventuring in his home range of the Sierra Nevada, whenever possible. You can check out some of Brennan’s work at:

BD Gear in the Arctic

Black Diamond Equipment atop yet another summit. Svalbard, Norway.

Black Diamond Equipment (BD) makes just about every piece of ski gear you need to get into the backcountry, and get home safely. As the Tahoe area BD Ski Ambassador, three of my favorite pieces of BD gear that I use and trust are the Carbon Megawatt Skis, Anarchist Avalung Pack, and the Whippet pole. All three are perfect tools for use in the Sierra Nevada, but are just as apt for use abroad.

Carbon Megawatt Skis

It’s as if these skis were specifically made for skiing the West Shore peaks of Lake Tahoe. The Carbon Megawatt is the closest powder ski I’ve found that works with you on the up, but doesn’t compromise performance on the down. It’s what most current ski manufacturers are going for when they’re designing skis for the backcountry market, but unfortunately all too often the skis either kill it on the up, and lack integrity on the down, or they’re horrible on the up, and slay it on the down.

As playful, responsive and fun as these skis are to ski, they really shine in the skin track as well. BD has worked on shaving necessary pounds off their original model for a few years and have finally found a balance where at just over 8 lbs it’s hard to find another surfy powder ski that’s as light as these, but also keeps the performance so high on the descent. For this years model, the Carbon Megawatts are 2.5 pound lighter than the stock model, which is a huge improvement over the already stellar model produced from last year!


First Descent in Svalbard, Norway. Carbon Megawatt Skis & Whippet self-arrest pole.

I’ve also been able to ski the Carbon Megawatt’s (188 cm) in variable terrain and have been quite impressed. They are a powder ski through and through, but they do hold an edge and can get through some firm junk when need be. That’s a huge bonus for such a large ski. In fact, I came to trust last years model so much that as I got fully used to the skis I found myself skiing them in lines that I normally wouldn’t (tight, complex, steep couloirs) because they can hold an edge and are simply so much fun to ski.

Overall, I’ve yet to find another fat ski (147/120/127) with such a solid turning radius (28 meters) that can wiggle when need be, open up whenever possible, break and climb skin tracks so fluidly, yet also get you through variability. They’re a trusted tool, and if you find yourself looking down a few thousand feet of untouched bliss this winter, your fun factor will be through the roof with a pair of these Black Diamond skis strapped to your feet.

Anarchist Avalung Pack

BD has a whole line of Avalung packs that come in all different shapes and sizes to accommodate diverse needs for diverse skiers. I choose to go with the Anarchist because it’s their biggest model (45L in the M/L size, 43L in the S/M size). I often need to carry a lot of gear on ski mountaineering adventures, and am always lugging around extra gear when ski guiding. This pack is also big enough to use on a multiday tour, which is nice to have a pack that can cinch down when you don’t have a ton of gear on a tour, but can also accommodate more gear when need be.

Black Diamond Outlaw Avalung Pack

Black Diamond Outlaw Avalung Pack








One of the standout features of the Anarchist Avalung pack is the ergoACTIV suspension, which is just a fancy way of saying the pack is ridiculously comfortable. That’s a huge difference with other similarly sized packs that feel bulky when you wear them-no matter what’s inside. This does not happen with this Avalung backpack. The packs seems to move with you and the padding on the back does a great job meshing to ones back. It’s incredibly comfortable for how much storage you get, and I haven’t even nailed the major feature yet. (more…)

Oakley Snow Goggles Replacement Lens Tint & Goggle Fit Guide

Saturday, November 16th, 2013

Since Oakley makes so many different types of snow goggles for skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, winter paintball battles, extreme snowball fights and other awesome winter activities, a guide to properly fitting your face and choosing the perfect lens tints seems appropriate. Oakley snow goggles come in two different size groups: Small/Medium or Medium/Large. Oakley goggle lenses are


Small/Medium Fit: A-Frame, Ambush, O2 XS, Twisted, Elevate and Stockholm.
Medium/Large Fit: Airbrake, Canopy, Splice, O2 XL and Crowbar.
*Unfortunately, you can’t really just measure the diameter of your face to find the proper fit. As always, do your best to try on gear (or at least a similarly sized model) before purchasing.


Oakley goggles
are designed to integrate well with helmets. The ‘Outrigger’ found on many Oakley models brings the strap out and around the helmet without stressing the goggle strap. Silicone beading on Oakley goggle straps keeps them in place by gripping to helmet shells. Oakley goggles are flat on top of the frame so they fit flush with helmets, and vents wrap entirely around their frames (rather than solely on top) so ventilation is never compromised. In fact, the Oakley Airbrake Goggles fit flush with 98% of helmets on the market.

*If you wear optical correction lenses under your goggles, go with models that have greater volume like the Oakley O2 XL OTG Goggles (O.T.G. = Over The Glass).



Oakley uses High Definition Optics and is known world-wide for both Lens Superiority and All Day Comfort. Oakley lenses are tapered; other lenses are curved, which distorts light thus forcing your brain to adapt, eventually giving you a headache after you’ve been out for a while on brighter days. Oakley’s tapered lenses are thicker in front of the eyes and thinner at the edges. Yay! No more headaches when you’re rocking the best optics in the world!





Oakley uses Plutonite, the clearest and strongest polycarbonate in the world. In fact, they own the patent on it. Plutonite protects against U.V. rays and is within the lens, not as a finishing coat. When lenses with a layer of UV protection get scratched, harmful rays break through the scratches. Not with Plutonite!

Speaking of strong, Oakley tests their lenses to meet the Anzi 88.7 standard for eyewear safety, hence their popularity with construction workers, military and other professionals in the line of duty. A 1/4″ steel ball is fired at Oakley lenses from point-blank-range at 101 mph, and a heavy metal spike is dropped from five feet above the lenses. If the lenses don’t absorb the impacts, they don’t leave the factory.

Polarized light occurs on/near water, ice and asphalt. Other goggle companies use a sandwich construction, whereas Oakley infuses polycarbonate around the lens to maintain the clearest lens in the world. Noticing a “worldly” trend here?

Many lenses use Iridium. What’s an Iridium coating, you might ask? It’s bonded on a molecular level so it won’t scratch off and absorbs almost as much glare as a polarized lens. Iridium greatly improves contrast and provides a bit darker shade in bright light.

A few examples: Oakley’s ‘Storm’ lens tint is a ‘High Intensity Yellow’ and the Iridium in this tint is radically different from the yellow lens color, maximizing depth perception on the stormiest days. The ‘Persimmon’ lens tint is slightly darker than the ‘Storm’ lens, but also with incredible depth perception. ‘Blue Iridium’ is ideal for a Tahoe lens tint; it is versatile for mostly sunny yet occasional grey skies.



Click Image To Enlarge



Here’s an image guide to help you choose the ideal Oakley goggle lenses for any conditions:












Check out our line of 2014 Oakley Goggles:





Oakley Airbrake Goggles
The most technical of all Oakley snow goggles, the Oakley Airbrake has a switchlock that creates the fastest, simplest lens swap in the industry. To change the lens, simply pop them out using the tab behind the ‘Outrigger’, replace the lens with another, and apply pressure to pop it back in. The Airbrake also comes with an extra lens for storm days!




Skiing California’s High Sierra with Ski Mountaineer John Morrison

Saturday, November 9th, 2013

California’s High Sierra offers some of the most incredible ski descents in the lower 48. With a pair of AT skis, skins and a little motivation, you too can experience the thrill of dropping in and linking turns for thousands of vertical feet. John Morrison is one of the most accomplished ski mountaineers in the Sierra. To discuss Tahoe’s local backcountry terrain with such an accomplished ski mountaineer doesn’t come along often. Come to Tahoe Mountain Sports on December 18 from 6 to 9 p.m. for a very special event and join other backcountry enthusiasts for a glimpse into skiing off CA’s highest mountains…A fun night for all!

*This event has reached its maximum capacity! If you’d still like to join us, feel free to stop by, but you will be limited to standing room only.



5:00-6:15 – Reception, Holiday Shopping, Meet & Mingle with John and other backcountry enthusiasts
6:15-7:15ish – Slideshow Presentation with John Morrison

RSVP for free here:

John Morrison shreds. Waves, singletrack, KT 22, High Sierra couloirs, grand Alaska peaks and pretty much anything in front of him. You usually don’t hear the details, but many mountain adventurers know what’s going on and get inspired by just the thought: “I wonder what J.M. and friends are doing this weekend?” In recent years, John skied from the highest ski-able point on all of California’s 14,000-foot mountains and many of the state’s 13’ers, often nailing more than one ski descent in a day. Learn more about John on his website: john-morrison-couloir-line

To create the best, most intimate setting, Tahoe Mountain Sports is limiting the attendance to 40. This event is free and open to the public; however spaces must be reserved in advance.. Food and beverages will be available for all attendees.

“I love big days, adventuring in the mountains with friends. Bonds created between partners forced into the moment with each other through intense outdoor experiences last forever.” –John 

A big THANK YOU to the sponsors of this event, Tecnica/Blizzard and POC Sports.

RSVP to the event on Facebook:
Join the Lake Tahoe Outdoor Adventure Group:


RSVP for free here:

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Steals & Deals: Pre-Winter Discounts On 2013 Touring Gear & Apparel

Friday, November 1st, 2013

Bargain shoppers who want the best deal, this is for you. Ever heard the term “beggars can’t be choosers”? Well, in this case they can. With winter just around the corner, we’re stoked to drastically lower our prices on last year’s gear. These killer discounts will send you into the mountains in style, without breaking the bank. Who wouldn’t want a sweet deal on new sidecountry skis, boots, gloves and technical layers to keep warm and dry during winter sports? We all love skiing, climbing and playing outdoors without being uncomfortably distracted by the cold! This article features backcountry touring skis and boots, a men’s climbing jacket and women’s lightweight midlayer, ski helmets and leather ski gloves – but we have so many more deals going on! Still, this is just a teaser of all the bargain deals and closeout items we have in our Outlet and littered throughout the rest of


K2 Sideseth Skisk2-sideseth-skis

Reg: $999.95
Sale: $599.96

These sidecountry touring skis are incredibly high-performance big-mountain chargers with backcountry capabilities. The K2 Sideseths are awesome powder skis that take tight, technical lines with control and power. The kick-tail is slightly rocked yet still holds a strong edge, and tip and tail holes securely hold pre-cut K2 Sideseth Skins. If they hold up to Seth Morrison’s standards, you should feel comfortable charging the biggest line of your life with these puppies.









Black Diamond Factor 130 Ski Bootblack-diamond-factor-130

Reg: $739.00
Sale: $499.95

A big-line ripping Black Diamond ski boot with a 102-mm last that easily crosses over to an Alpine Touring boot. Highly versatile, it’s perfect for skinning uphill, then boot-packing to the summit, then dropping a steep face and sending a cliff. The Factor Ski Boot liner’s BOA system gives a snug, ideal fit and the sole blocks are tech-toe compatible and can be used with Dynafit touring bindings.









Hestra Army Leather Wool Ski Gloveshestra-army-leather-gloves

Reg: $144.95
Sale: $115.96

These top-of-the-line men’s leather ski gloves set the standard for dexterity, durability and comfort. A removable wool liner dries fast and reinserts with ease. Hestra Handcuffs attach to the Hestra Army Leather Gloves your wrists so you can drop your gloves on-the-fly without leaving them behind. Hestra Gloves came out of Sweden in 1936, and were originally made for lumberjacks. The next year, a ski hill opened near the small village of Hestra, and the rest is history. We all know how meticulous the Swedish are when they design their products, so its no wonder the Swedish national ski team has worn Hestra Gloves since 1975.





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