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Outdoor Retailer: New Winter Outdoor Gear For 2013 And 2014

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

To start things off with a bang, The North Face put up almost two hundred of their product dealers at the Cliff Lodge and hosted an on-snow fun day at Snowbird Resort. Some of the TMS crew got to shred around the mountain on the new skis for 2013/2014 and talk winter sports with pro athletes and other retailers. There was a crazy inversion in Salt Lake City, so the temperatures in the city were barely above zero while up in the mountains they were in the mid-thirties.

Outdoor Retailer Snowbird

Look closely at this map of Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. Can you believe how many different booths were set up for the show? They’re all outdoor gear companies unique in their own way, and it was easy to get lost! Thankfully we had access to a useful Outdoor Retailer smart phone app, or we never would have made a meeting on time.

Outdoor Retailer Map


We spent our days at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market with packed schedules, meeting with sales reps from more companies than we could keep track of. We were pumped to learn about all the cool new outdoor sports gear for 2014 (spring) and 2013 (fall). I’ll give you a sneak peek into some of the high-performance outdoor sporting equipment that we’re excited to carry soon at Tahoe Mountain Sports.

Voile The North Face Kuhl Black Diamond























The new Voile Splitboards are looking mighty fine! We’re excited to partner with Voile, and look forward to carrying a variety of splitboards and splitboard accessories for the ‘013/’014 season. The boards pictured above are the Voile Palindrome and the Voile Artisan, and the binding is the Voile Lightrail binding…light, comfortable and practical.

The North Face waterproof synthetic jackets were a big hit. The one pictured above is 800-fill down, and we’re really diggin’ the bright yellow.

Kuhl Mountain Clothing came up with a Kuhl denim jean. Kuhl Riot Denim PantThey’re calling it the Kuhl Riot, and it looks super comfortable, it’s articulated in all the right places, and it’s more stylish than the jeans you see from most other outdoor apparel companies. Here’s a quick video about the Kuhl Riot denim pant.

Black Diamond 2013/2014: Their ski line has been completely remodeled with full sidewall construction on every ski, offering more control and better edge control on varied terrain.
2013/2014 Black Diamond Touring Skis: Black Diamond Stigma, Black Diamond Crescent, Black Diamond Aspect.
2013/2014 Black Diamond All Mountain Skis: Black Diamond Verdict Skis and Black Diamond Zealot.
2013/2014 Black Diamond FreeTour Skis: Black Diamond Convert, Black Diamond Revert.
We’ll have more information soon about the 2013/2014 Black Diamond skis we’ll be carrying next season.

The Fritschi Zenith 12 was also a big hit, and you’ll be seeing it in early 2014 after it goes through an extensive production process. The picture above is an early-stage model and the plastic you see is only a mold. The real thing is gonna knock your socks off (so keep your boots super tight)!

Here’s a close-up shot of The North Face waterproof synthetic insulation. They’re calling it ThermoBall, and the concept seems righteous. The North Face Flash Dry 2014 products are still a force to be reckoned with, but waterproof down jackets are also going to be spectacular and we can’t wait to get them in stock. Be on the lookout for both a men’s and women’s ThermoBall hoodie, ThermoBall full zip, and women’s ThermoBall vest. Shoot, they’ll even have a Thermoball bootie to keep feet dry and warm in cold, wet conditions!

The North Face Thermo Ball


The 2014 K2 skis are looking pretty flippin’ sweet! They’re lightweight, backcountry-savvy and come in a variety of shapes and sizes for varied conditions / skier preferences. Take note of the skin-clip tips for securing custom pre-cut K2 skins and the new top-sheet graphics. K2 touring skis, K2 backcountry skis and K2 sidecountry skis. You can take these puppies anywhere!

2014 K2 skis

Click image to visit our K2 page.

K2 is also upgrading their splitboard line. The 2014 K2 Splitboard line features their recent classic, the K2 Panoramic split, but they’ve added a female version. The K2 Northern Lite has a slightly more maneuverable shape, and also has slots that make it compatible with the new K2 Kwicker step-in splitboard setup. What’s that? The return of the click-in binding? Yep, you heard correctly. K2 is bringing back the user-friendly step-ins, and even skiers who have never boarded admit to how quick and simple the switch-over is. K2 is calling it the “lightest, fastest splitboard system in the world”. The K2 Ultra Split is like the K2 Ultra Dream, an aptly titled snowboard, only the split version has been fine-tuned for top-performance.

K2 Splitboards & K2 Shax

The K2 Kwicker boot is stiff and relatively lightweight, features a BOA lacing system that pulls your foot back and locks you into the heel-cup, and clicks into the Kwicker binding with ease. Okay, I realized I left you hanging. You’re probably wondering what the heck that is in the top-right image. It’s the K2 Shax – a shovel / ice ax combo, and it’s ultalight and packs down small. The ax-head is removable so you can switch it out for a regular shovel handle and store the ax-head in the brain of your pack. Save yourself the trouble of lugging around an extra ice-ax. The K2 Shax is a backcountry dream-come-true.

Marker Helmets

Check out the new Marker ski helmets. Not only are they durable and comfortable (they use the same interior padding used in motocross pads and in many orthopedic products – a new partnership with Ortema), but they feature a magnetized buckle so they’re much easier to fasten with gloves or cold hands. Keep your eyes peeled for the Marker Otis helmet, the Marker Ampire, Marker Consort women’s and men’s helmets, and the Marker Kojak / Kojo kids helmets. Marker goggles are also coming with full force, and they’re even offering a Marker kids goggle that comes with a full mirror double lens and in a batch of sweet color schemes.

Here’s a quick overview of the new Marker helmet line:

The new Marker ski bindings, made in Penzberg, Germany, have undergone a wonderful makeover. The 2014 Marker Baron is wider and lighter, the 2014 Marker Tour F12 is 28% (10 mm) wider, and the 2014 Tour F10 is unchanged – because it’s already so awesome. Want a non-climbing alpine binding that works with AT boots? You want the Marker Lord, that you can transfer from ski to ski! And to top it off, how about a Marker Freeride kids binding with a 70-mm brake? As for the 2013/2014 Volkl skis, the 2014 Nunateq only underwent a top-sheet makeover. The Volkl Inuk 177 is super-light, the Volkl Powder 2 with a 124 mm width underfoot is really surfy in powder, and the Volkl V-Werks is the new version of the Katana, with full carbon fiber and a wood core with air channels. It comes with skin-clip tips and skins that are cut to fit it’s specific shape. The Volkl Freeride ski also only got a graphic makeover, but there is a new women’s Volkl Yumi that comes with an 83-mm waist and is super lightweight.

Marker Bindings 2014

Click image to visit our Marker page.

Volkl Skis 2014

Click image to visit our Volkl page.














Alright, are you ready for this? The new Boreas backpacks are going to be pretty darn nifty. Especially this Boreas interchangeable pack – the Boreas Bootlegger – the frame will work with a variety of Boreas packs, so you can use your Boreas daypacks and your overnight packs with the same Boreas frame. They’re calling it the “Russian doll of daypacks”.

Boreas Bootlegger Pack


We had to (jokingly) pressure the Snow Peak reps to send us more Snow Peak cookware as soon as possible. We can’t keep the stuff on our shelves very long, so we were excited to see what they’ve got coming up next.

Snow Peak gear 2014Snow Peak gear 2014

















We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw the new line of 2013/2014 Hestra Gloves. They got colorful! Hestra gloves are known for their dexterity, flexibility and grip. It’s cool to see a brand so devoted to quality craftsmanship add such an assortment of color schemes to their product line.

Hestra Gloves 2014

The new ABS backpacks (Airbag Backpack System) have also been redesigned with extra fashion in addition to their already superior function. We got our friend Desiree to blow off an ABS cartridge at the booth, and she seemed a bit shocked with how fast they inflate.

avalanche airbag backpacks 2014

Click image to visit our ABS Avalanche Airbag Backpack page.

Unfortunately I don’t have a photo of the 2014 Pieps transceivers (avalanche beacons), but I’ll tell you this: The new 2014 DSP Pro features a fourth antennae and the power and rapid-fire signal of the Pieps Vector, it switches pulse signals when an interference occurs, and you can scan and mark four burial victims. The 2014 Pieps DSP Pro beacon ($375) was designed for the more frequent backcountry traveler.  The DSP Tour is being replaced with the 2014 Pieps DSP Sport for the less avy-savvy adventurer, and it will retail at $275. The Pieps Sport transceiver uses the same signal as the DSP Pro transceiver, it comes in a new carry-pouch that is easier to access and fits more comfortably, and it allows you to mark a single burial victim before moving on to find another. Expect a mid-October 2013 delivery on the new Pieps beacons.

Mammut cartridge refillMammut airbag pack refill
















We got a hands-on demo of how to refill Mammut airbag cartridges. Yes, we can do it in our shop for you. If you’re in the Tahoe area and need a Mammut cartridge refill, come in to Tahoe Mountain Sports and we’ll hook you up.


CamelBak Packs 2014

The new line of CamelBak hydration packs get better and better each year. From CamelBak ski packs to bike packs and hiking daypacks, they’ve got you covered – and hydrated via a sip hose that reaches over your shoulder. Drink on-the-go so you don’t have to stop until you’re ready.

As an added bonus, Dave got to hang out with top-tier alpine climber Conrad Anker and Adam got to chill with free-solo pioneer Alex Honnold. That was, and still is, super freakin’ awesome.

Dave Polivy and Conrad AnkerAdam Broderick and Alex Honnold
















Here’s a cool parting shot to leave you with:

Outdoor Retailer Salt Palace

What’s In Our Quiver: Professional Skiers & Industry Insiders

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

Welcome to the first installment of What’s In Our Quiver. This week, TMS owner Dave Polivy takes us through a run-down of what he rocks on the mountain. From the big dogs he shreds on to what he wears next-to-skin, Dave’s stoked on these four particular items for good reason.

Tahoe Backcountry Skiing

Dave takes a gander at some ski-able terrain in the Tahoe backcountry.


Dynafit Huascaran

Dave LOVES the Dynafit Huascaran!

Dynafit Huascuran – What a ski! I really do like Dynafit skis as they have wood cores, are super light and ski very solid. Still, until recently I could never commit to a Dynafit ski as my everyday ski here in Tahoe because they just weren’t fat enough. Then I met the Huascuran. The fattest ski in the Dynafit line is a true game-changer for both myself and for Dynafit. By appealing to backcountry skiers like myself who seek out pow regardless of the day, this fat ski is the answer for somebody who spends 80+% of their free time in the backcountry. This ski effortlessly floats and carves the powder but also holds an edge really well. I have them paired up with a Dynafit Radical FT binding and these skis can go anywhere and ski anything. I have trusted them on scoured 45-degree colouirs and in deep powder fields alike. These skis deserve as many stars as our ratings will hold because they truly are a do anything, ski anywhere, FAT ski that is perfect for everything Tahoe has to offer.








Deuter Cruise 30 BackpackDeuter Alpine Back System
Deuter Cruise 30 Backpack
– I have used the Cruise 30 now for almost five years but it finally got a redesign this year, and now it is even better. I really like this Deuter pack because it is fairly light for a ski pack, does not have too many bells and whistles, and is extremely comfortable. First, the differences between this year’s and past years’ packs: The shovel and probe area is vastly improved. In the old pack, everything was together in one big compartment. This year, the pack has a separate pocket for the shovel and probe and they are actually easier to access than in the old pack because you don’t have to go in through the back or top – you can access them straight from the front of the pack. Another plus is the ability to accommodate the Deuter Helmet Holder. This is a big one for me because I bring my helmet on all my backcountry trips and the old pack just did not have a good solution for this. The new pack utilizes the Deuter helmet carry system, which is perfect. Lastly, the back panel stays the same and this is what makes Deuter stand apart from the rest. The Alpine Back System allows air to pass up and through your back so you don’t have a solid wet back when you get to the top. Click here to read a detailed Deuter backpacking backpack review.


Let’s take a short break from reading to enjoy this shot of Dave skiing early-season powder on the west shore of Lake Tahoe:

Tahoe West Shore Backcountry Skiing


And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming:


Smartwool Lightweight Boottop BottomSmartwool Lightweight Boot Top Bottom – I know I might sound crazy, but base layers are my key to happiness and bodily comfort when I am out in the backcountry or skiing the resort. First, I usually run warm and living in Tahoe, it generally runs pretty warm for most of the year. There is a constant balance of keeping warm but also dry, therefore not sweating so much that you overheat. Lightweight long underwear bottoms are the norm for me and I really like the soft touch of the Merino wool that Smartwool uses. I don’t get any chafing or bunching and the bottoms fit me just perfectly. As for the legless part, at first I laughed at this concept. Then I tried it. Now, I will never go back. The sock-long underwear interface has always given me problems because socks bunch up and long underwear overlaps. With the legless (or 3/4) bottom, you no longer have that problem. The long underwear stops just below your knees and your socks come up just above your boots. They meet in harmony at that area above your boot so there is no bunching in your boot and everything is silky smooth down by your calves and ankles, whereas previously there was a battle for space that resulted in both pain and annoyance.


Gheek goggle cover

Available in a variety of unique colors/designs.

Gheek Goggle Cover – I know it might sound crazy that I could like a goggle cover so much, but hear me out before you laugh. I know this is a problem for other people as well, so pay attention. I used to (and still do) stuff my super nice Smith IO goggles in my pack, in my jacket pocket, in my helmet or even on the dashboard of my truck. Sure, sometimes they used to make it into the bag they came with, but more often than not they  instead ended up hanging out wherever they were last left. Enter the GHEEK! The Gheek is a super simple design that I wish I had invented, but in general, its a neoprene case with some reactive, stiff “clips” on the end. It also has a chamois cloth for cleaning for the back of your goggles so they stay crystal clear. The Gheek cover is super easy to put on and off and keeps my goggles in great shape, with no scratches or dirty fingers always mucking them up. The Gheek is also a great goggle protector, as my goggles have been known to get damaged even while in my pack if I act carelessly, and now they have some great padding thanks to their “gheeky” cover.


Of course, I wear and use a lot of other cool stuff, but these are four items that deserve mentioning. Stay tuned for other What’s In Our Quiver updates in the future, and please ask any questions about my gear in the comments section of this post.

Deuter Ride 30 Pack

Dave climbs uphill under the (light) weight of the Deuter Cruise 30 Backpack.


Backcountry Recon: Snow Conditions In The Colorado Backcountry

Monday, January 28th, 2013

This guest post comes from Josh Whitney, a Boulder, CO-based pro mountain biker, cyclocrosser and lover of all things alpine. He’ll be sending Tahoe Mountain Sports his trip reports, reviews and inspired mountain ramblings from the Rocky Mountain West throughout the winter. His blog at blends bike racing and mountain adventures with musings on his day job in  business, technology and sustainability. 

 josh whitney recon

Well, you and I both hoped the next Trip Report from the Rocky Mountain high country would be full of face shots and powder beards, but alas, old man winter continues to remain elusive and sequestered in small nooks and crannies, points North and West of here. It hasn’t been a complete loss, however. In fact, on the holiest of days the lordeth delivered a most-needed sign that our prayers were not in vain. Christmas morning, the entire region awoke to a bounty of snow and for those not obligated by family, religion or tradition to be stuck in their pajama’s rummaging through gifts under a tree, there was a real present outside just waiting to be unwrapped. (more…)

Steals & Deals: Warm Winter Jackets & Mountaineering Pant!

Monday, January 21st, 2013

It’s almost mid-winter and we’re giving great discounts on warm winter jackets, a stellar mountaineering pant, and some of the best mid-layers and soft shell jackets. Who wouldn’t want a sweet deal on technical layers to help keep warm when the temperatures drop? We all like being able to climb, ski or snowboard, or just play outdoors all day without freezing our heinies! These are great deals on winter gear, but we are also offering many other discounts right now. We recommend you visit our Clearance Page or browse our individual brand pages for a huge selection of winter gear on sale.

TNF Blaze Hooded Jacket – Women’s

The North Face Blaze - Womens

Reg: $198.95
Sale: $139.25

An ultralight, insulated hooded jacket that packs down incredibly small for adventurous women on the move. Climb, ski and hike in this warm winter jacket for women. Boasting The North Face FlashDry technology, the Blaze manages moisture and regulates body temperature better than the rest. Don’t want a hood? Check out The North Face Blaze Jacket. We’ve got it marked it down from $175.95 to $125.95!


TNF Enzo Shell Pant – Men’s

The North Face Enzo Pant

Reg: $395.95

Sale: $279.25

This bomb-proof pant is fully waterproof and has the technical features you want for gnarly winter conditions. It keeps the wet on the outside and breathes well, so you can push through winter without worries. The North Face GORE-TEX waterproofing and durable three-layer construction make these some of the best ski pants or mountaineering pants.


Patagonia Troposphere Jacket – Men’s

Patagonia Troposphere Jacket

Reg: $299.00
Sale: $209.30

This men’s Patagonia jacket utilizes their H2No waterproof technology, along with lightweight and stretchy construction, to create a compressible hard shell top that promotes mobility for climbers and alpine skiers. The hood is also helmet-compatible and articulated at multiple points so you have better peripheral vision on a rock face or while skinning up a steep ridge. Take it to the top in this advanced jacket from a company that’s been leading the pack since Day One.


Marmot Variant Jacket – Women’s

Marmot Variant Jacket womens

Reg: $169.95
Sale: 118.95

The women’s Variant jacket is a warm and well-ventilated Marmot soft shell that allows you to move freely without collecting sweat, so it’s great for any cold weather activity. The front panels are insulated for warmth and the back panels are built with extra stretch, optimizing mobility and comfort on cold weather adventures. Want it with a hood? Try the Marmot Variant Hoody. Normally $184.95, we’ve got it for only $129.45!


Marmot Variant Hoody – Men’s

Marmot Variant Hoody mens

Reg: $184.95
Sale: $129.45

The men’s version of the Marmot Variant Hoody is also on sale at Tahoe Mountain Sports. For climbers and skiers alike, this soft shell hoody is great as a mid-layer on wet or super-cold days or as a top in dryer, more mild temperatures. The hood also moves with your head, so vision nor agility are compromised when you’re covered up. This awesome Marmot men’s jacket also comes in a hoodless version, on sale for only $118.95!

ABS 101 – The Avalanche Airbag Backpack System

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

TMS employee Meaghen blew off a pack in the shop and she absolutely loved the scent released from the Airbag Backpack System (ABS) compressed nitrogen cartridge!

Do you ever have nightmares of being buried in an avalanche, completely helpless, panicking as you anxiously await rescue? Are you venturing out into avalanche territory and just want to protect your butt? Or maybe you should invest in your loved one’s peace-of-mind because when they kiss you goodbye on powder days they often wonder if you’ll return safely. No matter the case, if you’re going to spend time in the backcountry you should be aware of avalanche risk, and if you’re even slightly educated you should know that risk is high. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Ask yourself one question: “What is my life worth?” Then one more: “What’s it worth to my friends and family?”

One of the latest technologies in winter sports is the avalanche airbag backpack. Several companies have recently put out their own versions of the airbag system, but they all replicate the original ABS Airbag Backpack System, tried and true since 1985. In fact, ABS packs produces a 97% survival rate, and that last 3% counts fatalities due to head injuries or the user’s failure to deploy their airbags. In the past 27 years, ABS packs have deployed 100% of the times a handle was pulled. It’s tough to count the instances a skier fell off a cliff or wasn’t conscious to think of pulling their handle, but those account for the other 3%. Don’t those numbers sound reassuring?


What is an avalanche airbag pack? Here’s the nitty gritty on how it all works, straight from the source at ABS:

In short, when you get stuck in an avalanche you pull the handle on your shoulder strap. Compressed nitrogen releases from a cartridge tucked away in your pack, and in less than three seconds two large airbags fully inflate around your head and back. The ABS airbags keep you on top of the snow, so your ski buddies can pick you off the top of the avalanche debris rather than have to search for you and eventually attempt to dig you out.

ABS has teamed up with a few other familiar brands who are also making ABS-compatible backpacks, like DaKine and The North Face. The Dakine ABS Backpack is actually a zip-on backpack that attaches to an ABS Base Unit, while The North Face ABS backpacks are full-on avalanche airbag backpacks.


Here’s another option: The North Face Powder Guide ABS Vest

ABS Powder Guide Vest ABS vest deployed












ABS for ski patrol or for quick backcountry trips when you don’t want to carry a full backpack. The ABS vest works the same way the ABS backpack does, only without the extra storage space a pack would provide. There is still plenty of storage for the essentials, as you can see from the image above, and a broken-down avalanche shovel fits perfectly in a pocket on the backside.

Take a step down into the Filling Dungeon, where they fill and refill ABS cartridges:

Unlike most outfitters, Tahoe Mountain Sports is HAZMAT certified, so we can ship full ABS cartridges. This comes in really handy when you’re traveling by plane and want to avoid holdups at the security line. Instead, just place an order with us ahead of time and we’ll ship ABS cartridges to your destination.

Need some tips on how to reset ABS airbags? It can be a bit confusing at first, but this video will give you the know-how to do it in a jiffy from here on out.

Now you know the basics. If you’d like more information about Airbag Backpack Systems or avalanche safety equipment, contact your favorite outdoor retailer, Tahoe Mountain Sports.

ABS Vario 25 XT Zip On Ski Pack
ABS Vario 25 XT Zip On Ski Pack
MSRP: $139.95


Tahoe Mountain Sports Dreaming: The Real Reason We’re Here

Monday, January 14th, 2013

This post is brought to you straight from the Tahoe Mountain Sports headquarters. We thought everyone should know that not only do we participate in outdoor activities, but for us, they are what dreams are made of. It wouldn’t be ethical to hire staff members that weren’t as passionate as ours are. See for yourselves…we live big, but we dream even bigger. Here’s Round 1 – click here to read the second installment and learn about the other TMS employees. 


ryan evans tahoe mountain sports

Ryan: Stoked On Skiing

Ryan (Front-of-House Sales)

TMS: What do you look forward to most when you dream of an upcoming winter?

I usually dream of skiing new lines. This season especially, I was really looking forward to kicking off all of the classic Tahoe descents.

TMS: Describe your dream day outdoors. No matter how realistic, let’s hear about it. What goes on in your mind while you sleep?

Waking up at 4 a.m. as usual, but magically my car is dug out. A breakfast of Belgian waffles, real maple syrup, the rarest/best tropical fruits and whip cream with a perfectly brewed cup of coffee. My car is snow-free and preheated to perfection. Along the drive the roads are perfectly clear and I don’t spill my coffee! I arrive at the trail-head and get the perfect parking spot. To my disbelief, there is a skin-track already broken through six feet of blower pow. The terrain is steep and the snow perfectly bonded like skin glue. I ski trackless laps on perfect spines and in perfect trees, with a perfect chute leading me right back to the car. Oh yeah…there is an espresso machine and donuts at the top of each lap, brewed and baked by a backcountry elf. After an exhausting morning of what I call luxury, lunch would be prepared from the freshest sushi and seaweed salad – perfect! When I get back to my house I notice someone (the same elf from the mountain top) generously installed a hot tub on my patio and insists that he prepare the finest seven-course meal for my friends and I. Then the alarm goes off at 4 am….and I awaken from my perfect backcountry dream.


pam jahnke tahoe mountain sports

Pam: Stoked On Snowkiting

Pam (Owner)

TMS: What do you look forward to most when you dream of an upcoming winter?

I look forward to lots and lots of snow, plus more time on the mountain now that my daughter Adina is in Mountain Kids Camp at Squaw Valley.

TMS: Describe your dream day outdoors. No matter how realistic, let’s hear about it. What goes on in your mind while you sleep?

I would wake up on a beautiful tropical island and have an amazing outdoor yoga session on the beach, followed by breakfast with my favorite fruit, mangosteens. Then I’d spend the rest of the day windsurfing with the most amazing breeze and warm weather until the sun eventually set. Between windsurfing sessions I’d do some Crossfit and (in my dream) I’d be able to do lots of pull-ups and double-unders. That night I would have a barbecue on the beach with family, friends, and lots of beer and good food. I would sleep with a window open so I could hear the waves and smell the ocean!


adam broderick tahoe mountain sports

Adam: Stoked On Splitboarding

Adam (Web Content Manager):

TMS: What do you look forward to most when you dream of an upcoming winter?

It’s usually the same: face shots, face shots with friends, and photos of those friends receiving large dosages of face shots.

TMS: Describe your dream day outdoors. No matter how realistic, let’s hear about it. What goes on in your mind while you sleep?

Assuming I were on a dream island with easy access to the beach and the mountains, I would start with a sunrise surf session in 4-6 foot waves with light offshore winds (in dolphin-infested waters, of course, because not much else compares to surfing with dolphins). Then I would grab a big, greasy breakfast from the Old Post Office Cafe on Tahoe’s North Shore. My stomach would settle unusually fast, just in time to start skinning uphill at around 11 a.m. By this time, the two feet of snow we received overnight should be safe enough to shred. After several hot-laps and hours of face shots, an hour of yoga followed by a cold, hoppy and heavy 22-oz IPA in a hot tub under light snowfall would help me relax. The sunset this night would be incredible, followed by a meteor shower visible from the beach near my house in Kings Beach. This should be enough ammo for even more great dreams that night!



National Winter Trails Day with the Tahoe Rim Trail Association

Tuesday, January 8th, 2013

National Winter Trails Day

This year’s National Winter Trails Day is approaching fast and we’re all excited to be a part of it! There will be a wide range of fun activities and presentations throughout the day, from snow shelter building to avalanche beacon scavenger hunts and gear demonstrations. Tahoe Mountain Sports will be hosting free MSR snowshoe rentals and beacon clinics. Participants are free to demo snowshoes and take off on their own adventure, or tag along with a guided snow hike.

Look for the TMS tent, where you can rent snowshoes, grab some sunscreen or hand-warmers, and talk with super-friendly and enthusiastic Tahoe Mountain Sports staff!

national winter trails day

Tahoe Rim Trail guides and volunteers from other local organizations will be leading free guided hikes from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. (weather-dependent). If you can only make it for part of the day, that is fine. Just come and enjoy the great outdoors with us! Remember, this event does take place on snow so please plan accordingly. Bring extra layers, sunscreen, water, snacks, etc. There will also be hot drinks and tasty treats on-site.

Hike Departure Times and Hosts

10:00 – 12:00 U.S. Forest Service (Green Hike*)

10:30 – 12:30 Red Cross (Blue Hike*)

11:00 – 1:00 Tahoe Adventure Company (Green Hike*)

11:30 – 1:30 Tahoe Institute for Natural Sciences (Blue Hike*)

12:00 – 2:00 Tahoe Expeditionary Academy / Incline and Crystal Bay Historical Society (Green Hike*)

12:30 – 2:30 Nevada Wilderness Project (Blue Hike*)

2:30 – Raffling off lots of goodies!

*Please note that “Green Hikes” will be meeting at the end of the chute with green pennant banners (located near the registration table). “Blue Hikes” will meet at the end of the chute with the blue pennant banners.

See you all this Saturday, January 12th, at Tahoe Meadows on the Mt. Rose Highway (SR 431)!

To register for National Winter Trails Day and free gear demos, visit

Visit Tahoe Rim Trail Free Public Hikes and Events for more details and future Tahoe Rim Trail events.


25th Annual Hartford Ski Spectacular, Winter Adaptive Sports Event

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

Tahoe Mountain Sports Blog Contributor and avid skier, Kirsten Alburg, had the opportunity to be a part of the 25th Annual Hartford Ski Spectacular at Beaver Run Resort and Breckenridge Ski Resort in Colorado this past December 2-9th. Today she gives us a summary of this life-changing event.

The Event

Disabled Sports USA (DSUSA) hosted the 25th annual The Hartford Ski Spectacular at Beaver Run Resort and Breckenridge Ski Resort in Colorado. The eight-day event was the nation’s largest winter sports event for individuals with physical disabilities. More than 800 participants, ranging in ability from first-time skiers to members of the U.S. Paralympics Alpine Skiing National Team and more than 160 wounded warriors and their families came together in Breckenridge.

ski spectacular team member

TMS Blog Contributor Kirsten Alburg and Alaska Adaptive USA E-Ski Team Member Moriah Maybry.

The Hartford Ski Spectacular strengthens and expands adaptive snow sports programs in communities throughout the U.S.; identifies and trains youth, wounded warriors, and others with disabilities including those who strive to be winter Paralympians; and helps local DSUSA chapters improve their services. A week of ski and snowboard race training, sponsored by U.S. Paralympics, prepares athletes for national and international competitions, including the upcoming 2014 Paralympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia.

Hartford Ski Spectacular

TMS Blog Contributor Kirsten Alburg and Tyler Ryan of East Patchogue, New York.


The goal of partnerships with DSUSA and U.S. Paralympics is to increase awareness about the achievement that’s possible when you focus on ability versus disability. Inspiration is everywhere!

ski spectacular beaver run

Photo: Ski Spectacular Participants Photo Op.

Many Different Programs

The Professional Ski Instructors of America – American Association of Snowboard Instructors (PSIA-AASI) is offered training for instructors in the latest and safest adaptive ski techniques for skiers with disabilities. “Learn to” programs in alpine and Nordic skiing, biathlon, sled hockey, curling and snowboarding were also offered.

What It’s Really All About

Some people think that this is just another ski event but it’s about so much more than skiing – It is life-changing! The relationships, the smiles, the positive energy, the mentors, and the exposure to sports for people with physical disabilities are what it’s really all about!

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Experience Winter In Tahoe By Foot – Snowshoe Rentals In Tahoe

Tuesday, January 1st, 2013
snowshoe rental tahoe

Rent snowshoes in Tahoe and go explore! But don’t worry, our rental snowshoes are NOT this ancient!

Whether you’re a first-time visitor to Tahoe in the winter or you’re a seasoned Tahoe local, you should try renting snowshoes. Nothing compares to the tranquility felt when surrounded by a magical winter wonderland. Snow absorbs sound, so the woods are wonderfully quiet and peaceful on a nice winter day. To spend time enjoying the huge winter playground that is our Tahoe backyard is an experience that will live inside you forever. I highly recommend getting out in the snow and wandering around a bit. It’s good for you! As Tolkien said, “Not all who wander are lost.”

In order to stay on top of the snow and save energy while you’re exploring, you’re going to want cross-country skis, backcountry skis or snowshoes. And I’ll bet you didn’t know you can rent some of the best snowshoes on the market right here in Kings Beach, California! We rent snowshoes in Tahoe because we realize the benefit our neighbors and visitors receive through experiencing the great outdoors. And we rent snowshoes made by MSR (Mountain Safety Research), who makes high-performance outdoor equipment for serious adventure enthusiasts. MSR has been trusted for decades by extreme athletes and the U.S. military, and we would offer nothing less to anyone looking to share our passion for the outdoors, even if only for a few hours. So come on down to Tahoe Mountain Sports and check out a pair of MSR Snowshoes!

msr evo ascent



EVO Ascent

MSR calls these lightweight snowshoes the “workhorse” of their product line. They provide excellent traction and are super durable, plus they float on snow well so you can go the distance without getting too worn out.






msr lightning ascent





Lightning Ascent

These are the most aggressive, all-condition pair of MSR snowshoes. Greater surface area and ultralight weight provide quick and easy access to the backcountry.







Snowshoes aren’t only for those who enjoy walking on snow or winter hikes simply for the pleasure of it. There are all types of snowshoes; snowshoes for snowboarders, hunting snowshoes, mountaineering snowshoes, work snowshoes, snowshoes for kids, and more.

The next time you’re looking for snowshoe rentals in Tahoe, think Tahoe Mountain Sports in Kings Beach! We also rent avalanche beacons, shovels and probes as well as backcountry ski rentals and ski backpack rentals. If you’re really getting out there, we rent ABS avalanche airbag backpacks, and for those who are into video cameras we rent helmet cameras. There aren’t many other places to rent video cameras in Tahoe that work so well as action sports POV cameras. In fact, ION video cameras could quite possibly be make for the best helmet camera, since they’re not only WiFi video cameras, but they’re also smartphone compatible helmet cameras!

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MSR Evo Ascent Snowshoes - 22
MSR Evo Ascent Snowshoes – 22″
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Black Diamond Expedition Poles
Black Diamond Expedition Poles
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Photo credit: Foter / Public domain
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