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Holiday Gear Gift Guide: Todd’s Picks

December 14th, 2011 By   

Todd handles all things tech for Tahoe Mountain Sports, so we weren’t surprised when the Pieps Vector beacon made his holiday wishlist. Read on to see what else a tech-oriented outdoorsman might want for Christmas, Hannukah or just for being extra nice.

Snow Peak Snow Miner Headlamp

I have a special talent for losing headlamps, so I’m always in the market for a new one. This is the most ingenious headlamp design I have seen in a long time. The LED lamp is housed in a silicone dome that allows it to go from a headlamp to a hanging lantern. Push the dome in and it focuses the beam. Pull the dome out and it diffuses the light 180 degrees. Best of all it’s small, light, and has a super-long battery life. $49.95

Pieps Vector Avalanche Beacon

It’s high time I upgraded my old analog beacon. Turning that knob and following the loudest radio static noises adds unnecessary complication to rescuing a buried backcountry companion. I could just move up to a three antenna digital transceiver but the technophile in me demands the smartest and most advanced transceiver on the market (afterall, this device could save somebody’s life). Enter the Pieps Vector. The GPS-guided search strip with vector triangulation makes search and rescue faster, easier, and more efficient. This is the first transceiver with a USB rechargeable battery, and you can download your GPS tracks and vertical profile onto the computer. $599.99

Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket

Nobody likes to be cold. This highly compressible synthetic puffy jacket packs small enough to carry around everywhere and add an extra layer in a pinch. I could carry something like this around in my jacket pocket. It’s thin enough to layer under practically any shell without adding bulk and amazingly warm for its weight. $179

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