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Kahtoola RNR22 Running Snowshoes Review

January 11th, 2011 By   

I’ve been itching to strap on a pair of the new Kahtoola RNR22 Running Snowshoes, and finally got the chance at National Winter Trails Day up at Tahoe Meadows. The TMS crew was there offering free Kahtoola and MSR snowshoe demos, and boy were we busy! I was only able to sneak away for a short jog, but here’s my review and some radical video footage of me in action.

LIGHTWEIGHT: Each snowshoe weighs in at only 1 lb. 6 oz. so it barely feels like you have anything but your shoes on. The slight flapping as you run is to be expected from any snowshoe, but the RNR does so gracefully and with barely any snow jumping up behind you.

STRONG: I took these on both hard-packed snow and crunchy, chunky crud with pockets of 5-inch-deep powder. While they obviously performed best on the hardpack. They didn’t falter through the crud; it just takes a bit more muscle strength and balance to power through. See them on the more rugged terrain (which looks worse when you’re on top of it) at about 20 seconds into the top video.

AGILE: Coming in hot down the trail, some slow-pokes crossed the trail right in my path. Thanks to the agile Kahtoola RNR 22s, I was able to fully flex my cat-like reflexes and cut through my obstacles with ease. See the below video to see for yourself. I’ve got skills with these Kahtoola running snowshoes!

Next time, I’ll wear winter tights and less layers and really take them for a spin. My monstrous pink ski pants didn’t really let me feel the full throttle these Kahtoola running snowshoes can offer.

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