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Clinic CliffNotes: K2 Skis, Poles and Skins 2010-11

CliffNotes from our recent K2 training, detailing the latest K2 skis, skins and poles from their winter 2010-11 line.

Camping in Tahoe, Without a Trace

Todd talks about the importance of Leave No Trace ethics in the Tahoe Basin and his summer camping in the Tahoe wilderness

5 Under $50: Leaving No Trace

Five items, all under $50, to help you leave no trace when camping.

Cruising to Clean Up the Truckee River

Cleaning up the Truckee River with Biking for a Better World

Like Us on Facebook, Support Leave No Trace

For every new Tahoe Mountain Sports Facebook fan we get in the next two weeks, we're donating $1 to Leave No Trace!

Tournament Recap and Bigfoot Sighting

Winners of our 4th Annual Pro/Am Disc Golf Tournament, plus a visit from a furry friend.

Magic Wood: Bouldering in Ausserferrera, Switzerland

A trip to Magic Wood, a much-talked of and quite-distant bouldering spot, located in Averstal Valley in southeast Switzerland.